Eurovision Semi-Final #2: The Shocking and Somewhat Disappointing Results (Part 1) [Video]


Yesterday, May 19, the first of two semi-finals were held at the Wiener Stadhaller in Vienna, Austria to decide who 20 of the 26 finalists will be for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The results, however, did not go according to most people’s predictions; in fact, they ended up being both shocking as well as somewhat disappointing in the end.


Boggie (Hungary): Wars for Nothing Surprising. While there is nothing wrong with this song in terms of the singer’s vocal ability, or even with the message itself, many believed it to be too depressing for Eurovision. Given that the competition has turned into something of a political war between countries every year for quite some time now, it is the general hope that at least the entries will try to stay in the middle in terms of not addressing hot world and political topics. However, the 28-year-old defied all odds and was announced as the fifth contestant from the first semi-finals to be moving on to May 23’s grand final.

Polina Gagarina (Russia): A Million Voices – Surprising. Again, the prediction that this participant would not advance has little to do with her song and performance itself. Well, the song had received quite a projection of hate due to its peaceful lyrics coming from a country that subjects so many to extreme human rights violations, which led to people admitting they would never support the nation itself despite how good its entry was. Indeed, the audience has a tendency of booing each year’s Russian entry to the point that it is not only rude but also extremely embarrassing for those involved. At the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest’s 1st semi-final, however, Gagarina received nothing but screams of praises and one of the first announced places in the final. This was certainly one of the shocking (but NOT disappointing) results of this year’s 2015 Eurovision semi-final #1.

Nina Sublatti (Georgia): WarriorNot Suprising. This song was a fan favorite from day one, and the singer’s popularity for both her look and sound did not diminish in the slightest over the next few months following its release. There were some that said the performance was overrated, but they were far and few between. As such, it was a pretty much unheard of concept that the 20-year-old would not make the final. Her huge following in her home nation helped with this achievement; in fact, her debut album Dare to Be Nina Sublatti is currently the highest selling record in Georgia to date.


Uzari and Maimuna (Belarus): Time Surprising: This was an extremely shocking and upsetting result for fans, as it was almost a given that the vocalist-violinist duo would advance to the grand final. Everyone certainly seemed to like them, but clearly interest in their performance waned over the time leading up to the first Eurovision 2015 semi-final. It was definitely an entry that had been a top favorite at one point, so many viewers were astonished to see that it was not voted into May 23’s show.

Whether or not those who won in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015’s first semi-final will be able to carry their weight on May 23 has yet to be seen. For the contestants who shocked viewers by advancing (even if the fans liked the entry), they had best better step up their game when it comes to the grand final; for those who were disappointed with their being chosen over others that were deemed “more worthy,” these individuals may not have much of a shot.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


Digital Spy – The first Semi-Final winners’ press conference

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