New Jersey Man Loses Life in Car Crash

New Jersey

A New Jersey man named Stephen J. Maikisch III was killed in a car crash on Tuesday, May 5. He lost his life after his car drove off a highway exit ramp into the Delaware River. Maikisch had been a resident of Somerset, New Jersey prior to his death.

Police recovered his body and vehicle from the river later on Tuesday, May 5. Police found Maikisch’s car shortly after receiving a 911 call regarding the accident. The report according to the Daily Star stated that a car had driven off of Harvard Road into the Delaware River. A rescue team was immediately assembled that included a scuba team, many Delaware County fire departments, a collision reconstruction unit, and Emergency Service Units. Only one vehicle was involved in the crash according to the article and it likely occurred around 5:38 a.m.

Speed seemed to be a factor in the crash, as stated in the article, and Maikisch drove his 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee through an intersection at the end of the ramp. The New Jersey man’s vehicle crashed into a guide rail as well as some trees before landing in the river. His body was inside of the Jeep according to Officer Nathan Riegal. The vehicle was about fifty feet in the river, as well as half-submerged and there was a lot of damage.

The results of a toxicology screening that was performed are still pending, based on a statement by Delaware County Coroner Dr. Richard J. Ucci. The official report to the media did not indicate if the New Jersey man had been wearing a seat belt, or what the exact cause of death was.

By Heather Granruth


The Daily Star

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