Nina Dobrev Dating Zedd: Selena Gomez Angry Over Friend’s Hook-Up With Ex?

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Nina Dobrev’s selfie with music producer Zedd has quickly gotten people to assume that the two may be dating. Weeks after Zedd and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez decided to call it quits, it is being reported that the I Want You To Know DJ may have moved on to Dobrev, who just so happens to be good friends with his ex.

Dobrev posted a photo of herself cozying up to Zedd, and fans were quick to think that the former Vampire Diaries star has finally found love again following her split from ex-fiance Ian Somerhalder back in 2013. Both Dobrev and Zedd are single, so to think that the two have decided to date one another should not be considered as shocking. The only thing that is somewhat shocking is that the actress would be dating her friend’s ex-boyfriend.

While it is believed that both Zedd and Gomez parted ways on good terms, it is still questioned as to what the singer would make of her friend suddenly dating the man she just broke up with. It somewhat gives the impression that the Canadian star may have been eyeing Gomez’s former lover for some time, prior to posting photos of herself with him on social media. A photo says a thousand words, and judging by the closeness of the two in the pic, it could easily be assumed that Zedd and Dobrev are dating. Gomez would be furious if she was to find out her pal was hooking up with her former lover.

There is a lot of irony in this story. When it was first confirmed that Somerhalder had started seeing Dobrev’s pal Nikki Reed, it was believed that the actress was not too happy about it. According to sources, she felt that her friendship to Reed would fall apart if the romance was to gradually progress. A few months later, Somerhalder announced he was set to wed Reed following his surprise proposal, last year. It quickly ended their friendship and was believed to have been one of the main reasons why the actress wanted to exit the CW hit show.

If the 26-year-old is aware of what friends dating exes has done to her former friendship to Reed, why would she not want to take her own advice and separate herself from the guys her friends have been with? Unless she is pals with a Kardashian — then it would be tricky not to date someone who this particular family, and everyone in it, had not been with.

Regardless of the matter, Dobrev has yet to respond to the rumors. Vampire Diaries fans are presumably feeling bittersweet about their idol possibly having found love again. On one side, Dobrev being off the market and having found happiness after her split from Ian Somerhalder is notably a good thing. The other side screams that dating a friend’s ex-boyfriend is uncool and will only cause a drift between their friendship, and maybe even hurt her good girl reputation.

Women in Hollywood are extra petty when it comes to feuding with one another. Not to forget that with the Hollywood star currently on the hunt for a new job following her TV exit, getting wound up in possible feuds over boys is definitely not the way forward. Dobrev dating Zedd is sure to leave an impression on Gomez, who definitely would not have expected this hook-up.

By Maurice Cassidy


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