Obama Administration Hit With ‘Watergate Part 2’ Lawsuit

ObamaTheodore “Teddy” Fikre filed a formal lawsuit against the Obama administration for continued harassment. The suit was filed in the Greenville Civil Court House and also names Wells Fargo and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Fikre alleged he was locked up against his will on February 26 by a process, initiated by his family but instigated by an outside agitator, called a Temporary Detention Order.

Fikre is the Ethiopian descendant of “the greatest King of Ethiopia” Atse Teodrose II. According to Fikre, Atse Teodrose Sr. is the son of Queen Sheba and King David; as a result he states Ethiopia is his mother and Israel is his father. Fikre recently became a member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The AIPAC is a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States.

Fikre believes he is being targeted by the Obama administration for making public his participation in President Obama’s 2008 victory speech. After claiming he wrote a portion of the speech, Fikre said he has been the victim of an abuse of power unlike any ever witnessed in the United States. Allegedly he has suffered mass harassment and intimidation and is refusing to take it quietly anymore.

After being released from jail with the case against him dismissed by a Commonwealth Judge Advocate, Fikre claims he has been on the receiving end of continuous human rights abuse. He said there is a mountain of evidence to support his accusations as he awaits his day in court. Reportedly, his wife has also been victimized with social media hacks as well as been persuaded to leave him by the NYPD.

Mr. Fikre said President Obama was and is his hero; he is not accusing the president directly but believes it is his administration. Fikre has a Master’s in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University, been a community organizer since 2008 as well as a secret clearance with the Department of Defense where he supported copious agencies for over 15 years. Fikre maintains he is a law-abiding citizen who does not deserve this unjust treatment.

As God’s messenger, Fikre claims he was ordered to warn against the attack of soldiers and civilians. He went to clergy, police and the media about the impending possibility of an attack and was rejected.  If trying to warn people of pending doom makes him a terrorist, according to Fikre, then he is guilty as charged, but if disaster is averted because of Obamahis message he should not be the victim of unjust treatment but given a medal of honor.

Fikre insists while Obama wants to call people thugs, he needs to check his administration because whether a direct order or not, for seven weeks someone under his authority has acted like one to him and his family. This is the reason Fikre has requested for congress to start impeachment hearings against the Barack Hussein Obama administration.

Theodore “Teddy” Fikre said what is done in the night will always come out in the daytime. He is seeking justice and wants the administration to be held accountable. Fikre is calling his mission and lawsuit “Watergate Part II.” He stated:

These accusations are not secret but are issues that need to be exposed. This is my story of pain and I have stacks of evidence to prove my credibility.  I want an impeachment hearing started NOW to ensure this never happens again, figure out who did this to me and a formal apology from President Barack Obama.

The allegations made by Fikre, many of which can be seen in his YouTube video (see sources), are troubling. It appears he has enough information substantiated which would require an immediate response from the Obama administration, but to date has not received. The lawsuit has been filed in the Greenville Civil Court House and is currently being processed under case number is 2015-CP-23-02692.

Written by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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