Patriots QB Tom Brady Will Be Suspended by Roger Goodell

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Tom Brady

After the Super Bowl, Patriots QB Tom Brady and the New England Patriots probably hoped that the so-called “DeflateGate” scandal would just go away, but it was announced today that Brady will be suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The exact amount of games will not become known until sometime next week, when Goodell will make a statement about the incident and punishment that Brady will receive.

There is not a question of if Tom Brady will be suspended, but just how long the suspension will last. The suspension has been rumored to be for a minimum of two games, to perhaps four games or even longer. Brady will become the highest-profile NFL player to ever have been suspended.

Despite Brady smiling and laughing at times in interviews when he has talked about the supposedly limited knowledge he had that footballs had been deliberately deflated a few pounds in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, Goodell is reportedly taking the incident very seriously. The NFL appears to believe that the evidence they examined proves that Brady cheated, and he was totally aware that he had cheated.

The Wells Report of over 300 pages about the “DefalteGate” scandal apparently was more than enough to convince Goodell that Brady should be suspended. The report mentioned that Brady ordered that the footballs be deflated and also the report is critical of Brady for not turning over his cell phone when he was asked to by investigators who worked on the Wells Report, until much later. Brady could be suspended for both ordering the footballs to be deflated and also for hampering the investigation by not turning over his cell phone sooner.

According to the Miami Herald, it is possible that quarterback Tom Brady could get suspended for the entire season. Sources in Boston mentioned that the suspension might be anywhere from six to eight games in duration.

Fans of the New England Patriots will get to know the team’s backup quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, much better for however many games Tom Brady’s suspension will last. It looked like the backup quarterback would probably by Ryan Mallett, but as of late, Garoppolo has come on and will probably get the nod to be the starting quarterback while Brady is suspended.

It is quite possible that Roger Goodell will not only punish Tom Brady, but the entire New England Patriots team. He could issue the team a stiff fine, like he did following the SpyGate scandal of 2007. Then, he fined them $250,000 and added the punishment of taking away one of the team’s first-round draft picks.

Though the New England Patriots have managed to overcome numerous adversities over the seasons, Brady’s suspension will undoubtedly hurt the team. Even without Brady, the Patriots are an excellent all-around team, and Bill Belichick, their coach, has found ways for them to win, like when Matt Cassel became the starting quarterback in 2008 when Brady’s ACL was torn.

This will be a tough suspension for Goodell to make, as Tom Brady has often been considered the “Golden Boy” of the NFL. He has been a Super Bowl Champion four times and the MVP of the games three of those times. Not only that, he is married to one of the world’s most gorgeous supermodels.

While the Wells Report does not come right out and state in no uncertain terms that Brady is guilty of having done anything shady, the report uses the phrase “More probable than not” frequently when discussing the quarterback’s role in the “DeflateGate” scandal. To the league and to Roger Goodell, the phrase is good enough to convince them of Brady’s guilt. The league is considering it to be a “serious competitive violation,” in the words of former General Manager of the Colts, Panthers and Bills, Bill Polian.

The outcome of the the AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Colts was, likely, never in doubt and the Patriots ended up winning it 45-7. However, Goodell and the league still consider Tom Brady’s violations to be very serious ones. Just how serious and how long the suspension will last, is anyone’s guess.

New England Quarterback, Tom Brady, will be suspended by Roger Goodell sometime next week for his role in the “DeflateGate” scandal and also for obstructing the investigation that became the Wells Report. The length of the suspension is unknown at this time. Goodell will announce how long it will be and any punishments that the Patriots and coach Bill Belichick might also face next week.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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