‘Penny Dreadful’ Gothic Showtime TV Series Moves on to Season Two

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful is a brilliant drama television series on Showtime based on the shocking and cheap legacies of the 19th Century British publications. The series originally aired on May 11, 2014 and has shocked and excited its fans with the crazy tales from the darker side. The series is considered British fiction at its best, with characters such as Dorian Gray, Mina Harker, Abraham Van Helsing, Dracula, and Frankenstein. The gothic drama has been an unexpected hit and has been successfully renewed for season two which premiered on Apr. 19, 2015.

The hit drama series is based on the violent and cheap collection of British fiction that has provided the dark and scary thrills to its audience. The storylines deal with the ever dark vampires, poisons, guillotines, daggers, and scaffolds. Everything negative is inserted to make the audience feel the gothic thrill. The series almost reminds the fans of a version of The Vampire Diaries, but from the 1800’s, sort of speak. The stories show characters who share similar characteristics in common, they all share an unforeseen awareness of the supernatural world, knowledge of their own sin and they all share an aching loneliness that brings out their demons. They are no longer innocent once they commit their first wrongdoing.

Some of the stories that have played a part in the series are James Malcolm Rymer’s The Dark Women or Plot and Passion (1861), The Passion of Joan Van Arc, and even Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The scripts are a bizarre assortment of British fiction and the outrageous characters who play out these roles of the heroes from the darker side. These individuals who do not believe in good, just in darker versions of life, the desire for supernatural powers are the characters that bring out the stories and highlight the themes behind the fiction, they bring them to life.

The series certainly made a good first impression, with the creative ways the actors bring these characters to life and made the audience feel like the story was for real and for them. Penny Dreadful’s first season had certainly brought a whole new light to horror stories, but making the same impact in season two may be a challenge, it would be hard to use the same creative ideas twice. The gothic hit series Penny Dreadful has certainly has been like breathe of fresh with its spin the British Fictions stories, fans expect that season two will be just as exciting to watch as the first season. This hit drama resembles another series also running on the FX channel titled The American Horror Story. Penny Dreadful certainly has the potential to bring new life into the well know characters of Dracula and Frankenstein. The drama shines a clever, but creepy light on the stories and their individual characters.

The storylines are filmed around Dublin, Ireland with a cast of talented actors, such Eva Green playing the part of the vampire hunter, Timothy Dalton plays a sorrow-stricken explorer and Josh Hartnett who joins the set as the sharpshooter in season two.  The characters come to life and the stories become real, Penny Dreadful came back for the season because of its gothic, cheap violent and nasty scenes. It will be exciting to watch and see what comes next, what characters are recreated and what stories are expanded upon. Penny Dreadful is on Showtime at 10 p.m. E.S.T. on Tuesdays. The characters in the Penny Dreadful share an exhilarating chemistry and click with each other. The role of each character whether it be psychic, gunslinger or the vampire, each role seduces the audience to want more and to anticipate what may come.

Opinion By Elina Brik

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