PlayStation 4 Makes Playing Pirated Games Easy

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PlayStation 4

There is a new type of game hack for PlayStation 4 users that makes playing pirated games easy. It is now possible for game pirates to share their games and their consoles with any one at any time. Thanks to a Russian development called Raspberry Pi, PS4 users have the ability to make their activated PlayStation 4 console work on other PlayStation 4 consoles, which is practically like striking gold for game pirates.

Raspberry Pi is a computer, no larger than a credit card, which can be plugged into a television or computer monitor, which gives people the ability to explore the realm of computing while allowing there to be a line of communication with the outside world. Considering this little device only costs buyers just about $100, game pirates are definitely getting more than their money’s worth.

In the past, PS4 users could share games with other users by activating multiple PS4 consoles under the same account. That sharing technique left room for user abuse by people sharing those extra accounts with other users. Even though sharing was possible, Sony was still able to limit how much sharing could be done on one console by limiting the number of accounts that could be added on.

The new hack technically just makes a copy of an account and transfers it onto a completely different PlayStation 4 console. This allows for users to share consoles and games with other users without there being any limitations or restrictions. Due to the lack of constraint, the hack generates a great deal of business for game piracy.

It has been reported that Brazil has been easily exploiting this hack for a decent amount of time now, making $99.99 off selling PlayStation 4 consoles along with 10 pirated games to play on it, at no additional cost. The amount of money the average person will spend to purchase a brand new PlayStation 4 game at retail price is about $60, at the very least, so Brazil is definitely offering a deal that any PlayStation 4 gamer would find to be irresistible. Through the hack, users are able to own more games on top of the 10 games already given, at only $15 a pop.

Sony has not responded to this new hacking technique, but has sent out notices to cease and desist any person abusing the system that enables account sharing between friends. The probable outcome for the establishments that are currently making a profit from the hacking will consist of some type of legal action taken by the company along with some kind of protection patch that prevents consoles from being hacked.

Patches to prevent console hacking have been used by Sony in previous years, but without Sony addressing this new hacking technique, there is no telling what steps will be taken to stop any further hacking of this type. According to security experts, gaming consoles are commonly hacked and to think that there could be any one way to completely rid gaming consoles of hacking is unrealistic. This new PlayStation 4 hack has made playing pirated games easy, but it seems as though that will not be the case for too much longer.

Opinion By Kameron Hadley


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Photo Courtesy of William Hook’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License