Playstation 4 Outsold by Xbox One in April: Sony Planning Major Updates


Playstation 4 consoles sold considerably less than the Xbox One during the month of April, denoting a high accomplishment for Microsoft as it is marked the only time the tech giant managed to beat its rival almost two years after both companies set their gaming consoles up for pre-orders. Following the announcement of new gaming systems at the E3 gathering in 2013, Sony obliterated Microsoft’s pre-order deals by more than 300,000 units in the U.S alone.

Regardless, things are beginning to change with the late marketing strategies Microsoft has utilized as part of a campaign to boost sales for its consoles. The tech organization spent millions of dollars on bringing its loyal fans exclusive gaming add-ons and games free of charge, in an attempt to draw much-needed attention to its products, including the Xbox 360. Having served out some of the best-selling games free of charge, such as, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and Tomb Raider, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 saw an uncommon boost in sales, contrasted with the Playstation 4, which has been selling at its usual standard pace.

Mike Nichols, Microsoft’s promoting manager for Xbox, reveals: “As the best-selling console in the U.S. in April, fans set record April sales and engagement for Xbox One last month.” He continued: “Xbox One console sales in the U.S. increased 63 percent in April 2015 compared to April 2014 and Xbox Live comparisons showed the number of active global users [Xbox One and Xbox 360] grew 24 percent.” Playstation was not able to convey comparative results to those of Microsoft, the report proceeded.

Notwithstanding the sudden help in sales for the Xbox platform, Sony anticipates making a few declarations at this year’s E3 press conference, held at the L.A Memorial Sports Arena on June 15th. Aside from the general Playstation upgrades, Sony is expected to divulge its own exclusive content to their gamers with expected announcements on Uncharted 4, No Man’s Sky, and Until Dawn. All of the three games will only be released on Playstation 4, it has been noted.

Following Microsoft’s statement on its accomplishment in beating Sony with the most consoles sold in a month, a representative for Sony uncovered that the organization was also pleased with the accomplishments it had made throughout the year, most notably with the sales for the Playstation 4. While recognizing being prevailed over by Microsoft in the month of April, Sony were snappy to hit back, reassuring that they still hold the title for selling more consoles than Xbox, globally.

“As per NPD, PlayStation keeps on driving programming deals for April 2015 and PS4 remains the total deals pioneer in the US. We are anticipating an astonishing E3. We would like to thank fans around the world for their continued support of the PS4,” the representative uncovered. Sony has been dominating Microsoft and their gaming systems since its release in November, 2013. The Playstation 4 has sold an astounding 21 million units while the Xbox One is near to coming to its own turning point with 13 million.

Furthermore, with the upcoming E3 press conference, in which Sony plans to reveal exciting new updates for its wildly popular systems, the company is pulling out all of its own marketing strategies in hoping to sustain its name as this generation’s best-selling gaming console, leading its competition against the Xbox One. Microsoft will also be holding their own E3 event on the same day, insinuating that Sony’s rivals are destined to come out on top with what they have planned to showcase to their audience next month.

By Maurice Cassidy


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