Relay for Life Fighting Back Will Save More Lives

Relay for Life

Relay For Life is a campaign for communities to come together worldwide, and make a difference against fighting cancer. The “C” word is a topic that people do not like to discuss, but it is a recurring disease that has taken many lives from families and friends. Most people have lost at least one person they cared about to cancer. It is time to make a change and fight back against cancer. A community that pulls together, fights together and survives together will be successful in raising funds to save future lives. Relay For Life encourages individuals and communities to fight back against cancer and save more lives.

Relay For Life is a coordinated, overnight camp and fundraising event, where participants walk or run around a designated path to raise money. The terms of the campaign are that team participants camp out surrounding a track and each member takes turns running or walking around that track. These tracks can be organized at high schools, parks or fairgrounds. Each event is up to 24 hours and each team must have at least one member on track walking or running at all times. This is a family oriented event, and the best part is that it allows the community to build a sense of togetherness and teamwork while entertainment, activities, games and food are provided. Even though a specific remedy has not yet been found to cure cancer, communities around the world still work hard raise money for research and development.

The event is divided into several segments in the Relay For Life run. The first part of the ceremony is called the Survivor’s Lap, which allows for cancer survivors to walk the first lap and be recognized for their fight in the cancer war. This part of the campaign also allows the participants to recognize individuals who currently are fighting cancer and the people who donate their time, love and support to help their loved ones.

The Luminaria Ceremony is often celebrated at night, so the people who have lost their lives to cancer can be remembered properly. The purpose is to honor both those who have lost the war, and those who are still fighting to survive. The participants light candles around the track as a tribute to those individuals who are affected by cancer. This ceremony gives the survivors and the individuals that are still fighting the encouragement to keep moving forward and never give up.

The Fight Back Ceremony is the last segment in the Relay For Life event, and it encourages participants take a role in the fight. This ceremony is a symbol of what each individual is willing to do to help their loved ones, their community and most importantly themselves, to fight this unbearable disease and to stay committed to the cause. The Relay For Life Race motivates participants to fight back and save lives; not just their loved ones, but potentially their own. Currently, 7.6 million people die from cancer worldwide every year, out of which four million die prematurely between the ages of 30 and 69.

The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is a life-changing event for everyone in the community to come together and participate in and pay tribute cancer survivors, those who are battling the life-threatening disease and to loved ones lost. Paying tribute to the lives affected is important, as it shows that love and support can be found in a community for those in need. Cancer is a serious disease that takes many lives around the world each year; survivors, sufferers, and supporters need to stand together and fight as a community to win this war. This organization allows teams participate in this memorable ritual ceremony and can help one more survivor celebrate another birthday this year. Joining The Relay For Life campaign can help fight back against cancer and save more lives.

By Elina Brik

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