Shooting in Phoenix Leads to One Critical


One man is fighting for his life after being shot Saturday night outside a Phoenix apartment. Another man is in a stable condition in hospital.

A spokesman for the police in Phoenix, Sgt. Jonathan Howard, said law enforcement officers believed the shooting of the two men, aged 24 and 20, was a result of an ongoing argument. The victims were confronted by the suspect and a number of acquaintances outside their apartment, which neighbors north 83rd avenue in Phoenix.

The suspect shot the two young men about 10pm Saturday, May 9, before fleeing the scene near a west Phoenix unit building. The suspect is still at large, but is known to the police.

Phoenix is considered to be the urban heart of Arizona and the city with the most sun in the United States. It is the sixth-largest metropolis in America. As the Grand Canyon gateway, Phoenix is a relaxation haven thanks to its spas and resorts.

Detectives from the local police department are investigating the shooting. One man now has the fight of his life in hospital as a result of the shooting in Phoenix.

By Rebecca Brown



Az Central

Photo by Victoria Pickering – Creativecommons Flickr License

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