Revenge Boss Reveals Regrets Before Finale Airs


Fans are eager to see who is going to end up in the two graves, when the finale of Revenge airs tonight, and boss, Sunil Nayar, has revealed a few regrets he has made during the show that he wishes he could take back. Nayar reminisced on the four-year show during an interview he recently had with E Online.

He told E Online, many of the stories that took place on the show were not as detailed as he wanted it to be because there was a lack of time to get everything in one episode, with the amount of airtime given from ABC. For instance, he wanted to develop more of the character’s that were eventually killed off during the show.

The boss of Revenge also revealed before the finale airs is that tonight’s episode is somewhat apart of the vision he began with, but as the show progressed some parts of the finale has evolved with the show. Though much of the show has not turned out as Nayer had hoped, he told sources he believes the audience is going to be pleased with the finale.

To refresh the memory of Revenge’s audience, of how leading character Amanda Clarke, who died at sea is living as Emily Thorne, to get her revenge. The following paragraphs give a brief overview of each season leading up to tonight’s finale.

  • It all began in season one when Thorne realized her father died as an innocent man, and went to the Hampton’s and met with Ms. Victoria Grayson. She comes up with various ways to take down the biggest Wall Street’s fund manager, and  characters Nolan and Jackson begins their friendship. Thorne then takes down the attorney that convicted her father, and gun-crazed, Tyler Barrol, Daniel Thorne’s boyfriend, roomie from is also introduced. The website was created, and Thorne used it to humiliate psychiatrist Michelle Banks, who made Clarke believe her father was a killer. Thorne breaks up with her lover Daniel in the finale and Clarke is pregnant with her childhood lover Jack Porter’s baby.
  • Speeding up to season two Grayson lives, and Thorne finds out what happens to her mother. Grayson then announces that her daughter Charlotte was conceived with David Clarke, and Thorne finds out she has a younger half-sister, however the move makes the Grayson’s power rise over the Hampton’s. Jack Porter proposes to Thorne, and Thorne saves Ashley. Ms. Grayson mom arrives in this episode and it makes the audience see her differently. Later in the season, Thorne takes down the judge that beats his wife because he dismissed the juror that believed her father was innocent. As the judge gets his revenge, Thorne then begins to be caught in a love triangle. She then gets married to Porter, by tragically killing Clarke at sea forcing Jack and the baby to be taken care of by Thorne. The season then ends with Thorne telling Porter she is the real Clarke.
  • Season three began with the fans wondering who shot the real Thorne. Clarke is still planning her fake wedding. She plots to frame Grayson the day of her wedding to Porter. The night before the wedding Aiden, Thorne’s secret love slipped a ring onto her finger, and she had to turn him down. Charlotte gets kidnapped and in the finale Ms. Grayson gets locked into a mental institution, and the deaths of David Clarke, Conrad, and Aiden are shown in the final episode of the season.

With the season finale airing Sunday May 10, there is no telling of what to expect. Nayar’s excitement and revealed regrets adds more intensity to how the show will end. Since some of the boss revealed regrets of Revenge’s finale episode will be airing a mixture of his visions as well as the evolution that took place throughout the four years.

By Krystle Mitchell



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