Rick Santorum’s Shot at Redemption in 2016 Election

SantorumThe well-known pro-life senator from Pennsylvania is causing quite a stir on the online world after his announcement to run for president once again. His 2012 campaign had encountered an unfortunate twist when his daughter’s hospitalization forced him to pull back. Will this shot at redemption in the 2016 election prove worthwhile for Santorum?

Although those with a more progressive mindset may not agree with the pro-life senator, he has proven to have a great track in congress and popularity amongst fellow Republicans. Santorum started in the House of Representatives and quickly moved his away up to the Senate leadership. He held his seat in the senate for 12 years before losing in 2006.

He will definitely have some tough crowds to please after his controversial statement angered the LGBT community. He had made the comparison between homosexuality and bestiality over ten years back. Ouch! The past sure bit him in the rear end with that one. Being a catholic, Santorum holds firm beliefs in opposition to same-sex marriage as well as being against abortion. He had spoken at an event held in Florida for the Women’s Help Center stating, “America will never be whole, America will never be good if America continues to kill its children.” Rick Santorum is no doubt an epitome of Republican conservatives who find it hard to confront the topic of rapidly evolving social norms.

Santorum will obviously not have his beliefs on same-sex marriage or abortion swayed, but he is very determined for his 2016 shot at redemption. Foreign policy has been a hot topic lately due to threats from Islamic terrorists. He has described Obama’s methods of dealing with the Middle East as disastrous. His plan is to quickly deal with the growing threat of ISIS. Santorum even called to “bomb them back to the seventh century.” He doesn’t just view only the Middle East as a threat, but Russia and China as well. With Russia being rumored to become a fascist country, he wants to place defense systems in nearby countries.

Not so popular with environmentalists, Santorum doesn’t seem to have any big plans on environmental issues. Rejecting scientific evidence of global warming due to human activity, he believes that Obama’s plans in reducing greenhouse emissions will not work. He also plans to reduce the number of immigrants coming into the United States and refuse amnesty to those who entered illegally.

One of Santorum’s main focus in this election is the economy. He has stated his support for the working, middle-class Americans. He believes that the Republican party has been too focused on solely providing help for big business owners while disregarding the ones who work for wages. He stated at his kick-off rally, “As middle America is hollowing out, we can’t sit idly by as big government politicians make it harder for our workers and then turn around and blame them for losing jobs overseas. American families don’t need another president tied to big government or big money,” and proceeded to deliver the final hook with a call to action in taking back America. Another kicker for his campaign is his consideration to raising the minimum wage. Lately, there have been various movements throughout the online and offline world for a call to raise the wage, so this might work in his favor. He also mentioned a skepticism for trade deals due to its effects on job loss in the United States.

The 2016 election will definitely prove to be rather interesting with its roster of candidates. Despite past opposition and his forced withdrawal in the 2012 election, Santorum’s determination for his shot at redemption will not be overlooked.

By Frank Grados


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