‘Lip Sync Battle’: Queen Latifah vs Marlon Wayans [Recap & Review]

Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle

On Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle tonight, it will be a Battle Royale, or “Royal,” as Queen Latifah attempts to prove her supremacy over court jester, Marlon Wayans, in a Lip Sync Battle of the ages. LL Cool J is not one to play favorites, in his duties as the host of the series. This will be the last new episode of Lip Sync Battle until June 9.

At the start of Lip Sync Battle, host LL Cool J promised that tonight’s battle will be “legendary,” and he introduced the show’s commentator, Chrissy Teigen. He went over the rules, and then LL Cool J introduced the “lovely and talented Queen Latifah.” He said that her opponent would be comedian Marlon Wayans. Queen Latifah pretended to punch Wayans in his jaw.

LL Cool J said to the audience “Are you guys ready to get this thing started?”

He asked the competitors “Which one of you has the most hit records?” It seemed as if he was going to introduce Queen Latifah first, but he introduced Marlon Wayans, instead.

Lip Sync Battle

Wayans’ first song that he lip synced to was Happy by Pharrell Williams. He got down with his bad self, wearing a hat that looked similar to the type that Pharrell often wears. The preview of this Lip Sync Battle episode mistakenly mentioned that this was going to be Wayans’ second song, but that was because he wore a hat in the brief clip for Happy, and hats are probably technically not supposed to be allowed for the first songs performers lip sync to — oh, well; Wayans did a great job with the song, and that is what counts.

The first song that Queen Latifah lip synced to was one of En Vogue’s hit songs. She showed a lot of sass and attitude as she lip synced, and she had Marlon rockin’ out as he sat watching her.

“Were you feelin’ the vibe?” LL Cool J asked Queen Latifah after her performance. She said that she “Loves En Vogue.”

LL Cool J asked Chrissy what she thought, and Chrissy said “‘Tifah can get it.” Then, Lip Sync Battle headed to its first commercial break of the show.

Backstage, after the break, Marlon Wayans said “You’re going down, baby girl,” about Queen Latifah. He claimed that she stole things from him, like his middle name, and his musical career.

Wayans went first with his second song, choosing to lip sync to the Sam Smith song, Stay With Me. He was, once again, terrific, and he had a slew of dancers onstage with him as he performed.

“Queen, did that move you?” LL Cool J asked Queen Latifah.

She replied that she loved that song and that it was beautiful. Then, she added to Wayans “I’m about to SMASH you!” Before she would get the chance to do that, though, Lip Sync Battle went to a commercial break.

After the break, Queen Latifah said she wanted “to take it back to the Golden Days of Hip Hop.” She said “What I bring to the table that Marlon can’t as a rapper is…everything.” She lip synced to the LL Cool J song, Rock the Bells. Queen Latifah wore a red Adidas track suit and a black hat, clearly inspired by LL Cool J’s attire when he originally rapped this song. She KILLED with her awesome performance!

“Yo!” LL Cool J said afterward. “You know something, that isn’t right. I did not now that she was going to do that song. That’s cheating — very tricky.”

LL Cool J asked Chrissy Teigen what she thought of Queen Latifah’s performance. Chrissy said “That was fantastic! Do you hear me?” Then, Lip Sync Battle went to yet another commercial break.

Following the final break, L Cool J declared that “Only one of them can rock the Lip Sync Battle Championship Belt! Is it Marlon? Or, is it Queen Latifah?”

The Lip Sync Battle audience applauded after LL Cool J announced both of the names. LL Cool J determined that more of the audience members clapped when he said Queen Latifah’s name, so he declared that she won the Lip Sync Battle and the Championship Belt. Queen Latifah ended the show reigning supreme, not allowing the very talented and able Court Jester, Marlon Wayans, defeat her tonight.

Written By Douglas Cobb