Rockets Can Not Blast Off, Warriors Hold Them Back

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The Houston Rockets were not able to blast off, the Golden State Warriors held them back, not many people thought they would make it this far. The Houston based team was able to come from behind, from a place where no one expected to see them in the payoffs. That alone says so much for them, they may have been down, but they were not out by a long shot.

The Rockets were considered to be a team that desperately needed to rebuild, after they lost Chandler Parsons last summer, and especially after Dwight Howard was out on injury for more than half the season. It was contemplated that Houston would not be able to make it to the playoffs, but that did not stop them from giving 110 percent to the game. They not only made it to the playoffs, but when they were down 3-1 by the Clippers, the Rockets turned it around and came back to win the series in seven games.  The team surprised everyone by blasting into playoff contention, but they were held back by the Warriors from going to the finals because of a few minor problems. Houston made everyone stop and think, that a championship is not far away in their future. Almost everyone who wins any kind of competition says to the loser better luck next year. There is some truth to be told in that statement, every year there is one championship title awarded to one team out of 30 teams, which means 29 teams have to lose. Teams that get to the semi finals have to be better than the other teams in their own division. This proves that the Rockets are better than the buzz that went around.

RocketsJames Harden feels very strongly about the Rockets needing a stronger point guard. This is the largest problem for the team on not only defense, but offense as well. Steven Curry in-game five was able to show up Jason Terry, and Pablo Prigioni, and cause problematic situations for them. The pair was not able to make shots off the dribble, and they could not run an offense. Patrick Beverley may have his three-point shots down to a science, and is able to attack the rim very well, but the one thing he has not been able to accomplish is his ability to remain a continued threat to the other team. With Beverley fixed to be a free agent in a couple of months, Harden feels that Beverley will not be able to have a starting position next season. Harden says that Houston needs someone who can make plays happen.

Finding a point guard will not be easy. Rajon Rondo has been a long time goal for Houston, but he has slipped off their radar. He had a somewhat embarrassing finish in Dallas last season, and makes him anything but an improvement over Beverley. His shooting alone surpasses Rondo. Ty Larson is available at a more reasonable price from the Nuggets, who are now ready to talk about moving him to another team. Offensively Larson does very well with his quickness, and three-point shooting, however defense is a bit of a struggle for him. Larson is relatively short and has a problem getting the ball over screens, which that can be lessened using Beverley. If the Rockets are interested in being able to blast off against the warriors, and not being held back from falling into championship contention, Larson could be an asset to the team. Of course there are a few more choice for them to consider as potential point guards for the Rockets to think about, so next year the team could have a better chance.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester

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