Apple Inc. Continues to Grow and Keep Google Inc. Investments Alive

Apple Inc

Apple Inc. is infamous for being a major technology distributor, with the name of the Apple Corporation being immediately associated with popular cutting-edge technology. The attractive thing about the Apple Corporation itself is that its technology is not specific to professionals, but any average person can use its products because it manufactures cellphones and computers. But, is that enough to keep Apple Incorporated growing?

Whether or not cellphones and computers are enough to keep the company alive, the company itself can persist. The worry is that Apple has become such a large company, that it may be too big to continue growing. However, there is always a new direction to turn in. There is always hope. A lot of expectations lie within the markets of China. Chinese consumers of multiple income levels buy Apple products. The company’s products are status symbols. Though more sales are made to upper income level consumers,┬áthe products do well with middle and lower income level consumers, according to analyst Steven Milunovich. Furthermore, Milunovich predicts that the percentage of the upper middle class people in China will increase significantly in the next seven years, which means that there will be even more buyers.

Furthermore, the question arises of where else Apple can expand itself? As growing nations continue to develop, will Apple be the company to catch these nations up on higher standards of living? Time will tell.

Apple cannot soley rely on China for its growth, and it does not have to. Though the iPhone sustains a lot of the company’s revenue by making up 60% of it, keep in mind that Apple is always innovating. Not only are customers attracted to the features of the products, but the layout of Apple stores in shopping malls always turns heads. The big glass doors expose the layout of all the exciting technology that has been displayed for consumers to ogle at while a team member is readily available to provide any help necessary. In fact, because of the genius bar, Apple Inc. has one of the top tech-support ratings. Apple knows how to run a market. The company has even started doing same-day delivery in the San Francisco Bay area, and it can expand to other cities from there.

Wait, there’s more. Apple is always cooking something up. Apple Inc. recently acquired Metaio, which is an augmented reality company. This┬ámeans is that iPhone services, such as the Siri feature, are expected to be better at catering to the owner’s needs. More importantly though, this acquisition means that Apple has entered the virtual reality race. The addition of Metaio should spark all kinds of predictions about where Apple is headed next.

Are these reasons enough to keep Google Inc. investments flowing into Apple? Yes. Google Inc. was rumored to be dealing with Tesla Motors Inc. about the possibility of a merger. This idea has been dismissed however. Though there is already a strong partnership between Tesla and Google since Tesla uses applications that have been developed by Google, such as Google Maps, Apple still holds more potential. Apple’s timing for the release of its first iPhone had consumers focused on Apple as a major go-to for smartphones. Apple is already trusted by many for the latest in technology, and the company’s name is familiar to consumers.

Though proposed products such as a car by Apple Inc. seem far-fetched (for now) the company can still expand its capabilities in the portable technology stratum. The current generation has adapted to the services of portable technology, and now demands to have access to its privileges as often as possible. Apple is here to see to those services. Though the success of the Apple watch is debatable, but the technology has room to improve and advertise.

While all good things come to an end, Apple still has ways to go. The company is constantly finding ways to grow from its current ground. The excellent support service and successes in innovation keep the company ahead and worthy of continued investments from the likes of Google Inc.

By Tania Dawood


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