Samantha Lewthwaite the White Widow Is Alive and More Dangerous Than Ever


British born Samantha Lewthwaite made headlines over the weekend. Her husband was the British 7/7 bomber. After his suicide death in 2005, Lewthwaite has taken up where he left off. Now a Muslim convert, she has been linked to over 400 deaths. Her rise in the Somalia-based Islamic terrorist organization Al-Shabaab ranks and the link to those deaths the press as named her the “White Widow.”  She had a major role in the university of Kenya slaughter last month, which killed 148 people.

Most labeled serial killers are just disturbed, very cunning, but very disturbed. This woman the “White Widow” is more dangerous then even Jack the Ripper. Lewthwaite with her death count of over 400 confirmed and many more unconfirmed, makes the “White Widow” the most lethal serial killer to date. The number one listed serial killer Luis Caravito from Columbia is currently listed as the number one serial killer of all time. His count is 138 confirmed and about 200 unconfirmed. She not only doubles his count but she should be listed as the number one on that list. Most female serial killers have death counts that do not reach even a quarter of her count. This among others reasons is why Interpol has listed her as the number one most wanted in the world.

Lewthwaite is a mother of four, and uses that title to recruit both women and children to become suicide bombers. She choreography’s and is responsible for almost all of the bombings. She does not perform any of the attacks herself because her position is way too high to allow that. But she is the evil mastermind behind many of the bombing. She has been linked to hundreds of deaths thus far and does look like that number can only climb.

Her evilness knows no bounds. If her recruitment fails, she resorts to bribing the desperate families of teenagers and young children for a very little sum. After she obtains the children and teenagers she turns them into suicide bombers. The “White Widow” has proven herself to the leaders of the Shabaab. Lewthwaite quickly rose in the ranks and now sits on the right hand of the leader Ahmed Umar. He was most impressed when she was able to convince a London girl who was staying in a hotel in the capital of Somalia to blow herself up, killing twenty-five other people with her. To date her total death number is well over 400. She is also responsible for orchestrating the less fancy attacks like the one at the university. In that attack a firing squad came in and bathed the university in blood.

Lewthwaite did manage to hide for several years after she helped her husband suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay plan and actively be a part of the 7/7 bombings in 2005. She had plastic surgery to alter her appearance and went by an alias Natalie Faye Webb. After the death of first husband she went on to have three other children with Habib Ghani. The “White Widow” is clever and very cunning.

Rumors that Lewthwaite was killed gave some relief to not only Interpol but to the frightened public, but they are unfounded. It was confirmed this morning that she is alive and still working on recruiting and training the woman and children bombers. Interpol found a selfie taken of her and her husband, dated last week. Proving both are alive and Interpol is using the picture to try to locate their exact whereabouts. Hopefully this leads to their arrest. The Interpol have all of the widow’s aliases flagged and her new face is on the number one most wanted list. They hope this will help them catch her soon. Interpol is anxious for the “White Widow’s” reign of the terror to end. NSIC has issued a warrant for her arrest and it is labeled dead or alive.

By Sherry Raymond


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Photo courtesy of Interpol

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