‘Lip Sync Battle’: Salt vs. Pepa Epic Showdown [Preview & Video]

Lip Sync Battle

In the Lip Sync Battle tomorrow night, Thursday, May 21, on Spike TV, which condiment — make that singer — will prevail in the epic showdown, Salt or Pepa? The Lip Sync Battle is destined to be one of most anticipated ones so far of the debut season of this funny and entertaining series. Check out this article and the brief video clips of a couple of Salt and Pepa’s upcoming lip sync battles below, to get a taste of the spicy battles to come from these two well-seasoned musical vets!

LL Cool J hosts Lip Sync Battle, offering his own witty comments about the performances of the celebs and musical artists who take part in the competition every week. He explains the rules, introduces the combatants, and does a great job organizing the seeming chaos into an entertainment event that has become one of Spike TV’s most popular series ever.

Chrissy Teigen, who is the lovely color commentator on Lip Sync Battle, engages the audience and viewers at home with her often sassy but always on the mark comments and appraisals of the performances she witnesses. Together, she and LL Cool J are two of the most entertaining game show hosts around.

Salt-N-Pepa have become one of musical culture’s most recognizable duos, as pretty much everyone has heard their hit songs like Push It used in commercials, even if they were not fans of the song when it first came out. The singing duo have become advertising, as well as rapping, icons. Tomorrow night on Lip Sync Battle, their fans will get the chance to see which of the two has the better lip syncing skills.

Salt and Pepa will lip sync to two songs each. The first one will be just themselves on the stage, with no staging or backup dancers to help them out.

For their second songs of the epic showdown, Salt and Pepa can use whatever they think might help “push” them into the winner’s circle, like elaborate staging and dancers. The winner will get bragging rights and will take home the Lip Sync Battle Championship belt, to wear and/or display proudly.

While the names of both of their two songs that the duo will be performing have not yet been released, it is known that one song that Salt will lip sync to is the Run D.M.C. hit, It’s Tricky. One of the songs that Pepa will lip sync to is the Katy Perry hit, Firework. The brief clips from these two performances are below!

Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV is a creative collaboration between Jimmy Fallon and his Eight Million Plus Productions company, British comedian and actor Stephen Merchant, and comedian and actor John Krasinski. Fallon, Merchant, and Krasinski have all taken part in lip sync battles on previous episodes this season, and they are all quirky and talented individuals. Fallon hosts the Tonight Show, while Stephen Merchant has been in T.V. series like The Ricky Gervais Show and in the movie, Hello Ladies. John Krasinki played Jim Halpert in The Office and he has been in movies like It’s Complicated and Promised Land.

Thursday night on Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT, fans will finally get to see one of this season’s most hotly-anticipated lip sync battles when Salt goes head-to-head in an epic showdown against Pepa. Which condiment will prevail? Perhaps more importantly, will Salt and Pepa still be friends after the battle, and which of them will shine the brightest, be declared the winner and take home the Championship belt? Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to find out, and in the meantime, check out the cool preview clips below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Salt on Lip Sync Battle: It’s Tricky by D.M.C. [preview]

Pepa on Lip Sync Battle: Firework by Katy Perry [Preview]

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