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Science Is Now Working With the Roman Catholic Church


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The Roman Catholic Church and science have had their many differences over the years, but the two have also had some agreements. To this day many religions do not agree with the study of science, but Catholics have learned to accept that science and faith work hand in hand together. Pope Francis has recently made the two closer by adding a serious environmental topic as a new focus within the religion, known as global warming. Science is now working with the Roman Catholic Church.

Although there has been many previous disputes between the two, many do not know that  science and the Roman Catholic Church have been very supportive of one another more recently over the years. Since many previous priests were the ones that declared how the world was created, Catholics have become more welcoming in understanding the theories of science. There are still a few disagreements that the two have not found common grounds, like topics such as embryo implants and abortions, but those are said to be morality science rather than the reality of science.

What has brought the Roman Catholic Church and science to work together was the agreement of the divine creative act, known as the Big Bang Theory. The pope has recently proclaimed its origin as a required justification that supports the religious idea of the story of creation. However, it has taken many years for the two to correlate with one another, but as time progresses, science and religion have more things in common than many like to believe.

For instance, the Roman Catholic Church was known as the main supporter of astronomy for centuries. In the past, Priests used to study the heavens from the church’s rooftop. The Vatican, which is the palace where the pope resides, has a science academy. Pope Francis was a chemist, and is said to release an authoritative document of the church which indicates moral explanations to help fight against global warming.

Next week, the Vatican plans to begin the process of creating Pope Francis campaign, which is to persuade leaders of all nations to start taking action in climate change. He will begin his campaign by sending an encyclical (a letter sent to all bishops in the Roman Catholic Church from the pope), that will present a detailed script about climate change and what members of the church should do about it.

April 2015, an 11-page statement was issued from the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, that spoke about their idea of climate change. It combined scientific evidence with theological reasoning, an unusual combination where science and religion said the same thing. In regards to the statement, Veerabhadran Ramanathran of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, told sources he believes religion and science has found common grounds due to the environment.

The Vatican plans to support the 11-page statement by backing up the theological reasoning, by focusing on providing for the poor. The statement said, “climate change mitigation solely depends on accepting that humanity has a responsibility to eliminate or reduce the catastrophe that hovers over many people living in poverty today, and for those that will be in poverty in the future.” The Vatican plans to bring the statement’s goal forward by getting leaders to understand that three billion of the poorest people are contributors to the everlasting climate change of what the greenhouse gas emission’s have bestowed on to the world, and poor people will be the most effected by the climate change.

As the days get closer to release the encyclical, Pope Francis is said to be the greatest impact the Roman Catholic Church has made. Many professors of top universities in the U.S. believe that this is a very important moment happening in our lifetime concerning the environment. Since the ethical and moral issues of the environment movement will become visible and the religious side is taking it seriously.

It is good that science and religion have found a common ground because global warming destroying God’s creation is beginning to become a problem that is slowly slipping out of humanity hands. Teresa Berger, Catholic theology professor and liturgical studies, at Yale Divinity School, told sources, “three things are finally coming together, an environmental crisis that needs everyones attention, a charismatic pope releasing an important appeal, and the idea of him taking charge when institutions are fighting the severe issue.”

Many are eager to find out what the encyclical letter will say. All the same, it is good news to know that science is now working with the Roman Catholic Church.

Opinion By Krystle Mitchell


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