Serial Stowaway Woman Has Been Arrested Again in Chicago

serial stowaway

The woman known as the serial stowaway, Marilyn Hartman, has once again been arrested in Chicago. It is true that the 63-year-old woman has taken only one vacation on the airliners dime, but after an arrest in Chicago last month and another recent arrest, it seems she may not be able to take any free trips in the future.

Though her charges for the arrests are not for sneaking onto planes, but rather loitering in a restricted area, she has been arrested again at Midway with the same charges. She was also in violation of her bail bond, this time, leading to another offense. The last time she was arrested she also received a charge of trespassing.

In August the serial stowaway woman flew from San Jose to Los Angeles, without getting caught. That was her only successful free trip. Sources claim that the woman is mentally ill and homeless, which could be the reason why she continues to try and sneak onto flights.

By Crystal Boulware


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Main photo by Jim Wissemes – Creativecommons Flickr License

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