Sneak Peek at ‘A.D. The Bible Continues’ Episode Nine

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A sneak peek of A.D. The Bible Continues episode nine which airs this Sunday shows Saul requesting forgiveness from Peter. The NBS series which concentrates on the book of Acts, has been received positively from viewers who have taken to social media to express their opinion of the show. The series which picks up from where the highly popular miniseries The Bible left off, has become a hit for NBC. With large amount of viewers the series has been named number one on broadcast television.

This week’s episode concentrates on chapter nine of the book of Acts. A clip from episode nine shows Saul pleading with Peter for forgiveness. A contrite Saul admits to Peter that he has been cruel to him and treated him badly. He goes on to say that Jesus should have struck him down but instead he forgave him, and he ask Peter if Jesus ever forgave him for anything. At the end of the clip it appears Peter has been touched by Saul’s words as he recalls how Jesus forgave him for denying him three times.¬† The ninth episode will also show Emperor Caligula making demands that the temple place a statue of him within its walls. The episode will touch upon some changes within the temple authorities. Saul’s life will be in danger because of his conversion, and the apostles will celebrate winning new followers.

The series is produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett  focuses on the first 10 chapters of Acts. Already fans have seen the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. They have seen the power of the Holy Spirit when it arrives during Pentecost.The Bible

The 12 episode series A.D. The Bible Continues, sneak peek hints to the fact that they will began to tackle the brutal persecution the disciples encounter as they spread the gospel across Judea in episode nine. It will show how those who wish to the silence the disciples will stop at nothing to prevent them from spreading the gospels.

The popular series has even been used to inspire some sermons in houses of worship across the country. Burnett and Downey admit that thought the series is based on the book of Acts they have taken some creative license, which for some preachers can be problematic. Most agree that the series has facilitated conversations about the Bible and preachers can take the opportunity it provides to correct any mistakes and clarify the differences between the show and what the Bible really says. Assemblies of God denomination, general superintendent, George O. Wood says that series like this help create an interest in the Bible and what its message is. He has hopes that the series will help inspire a passion in the faithful and motivate them to spread the message of Jesus in a world that Wood believes is in a dire need of. Some other preachers worry that those who are not well versed in the Bible will base their understanding on a dramatized version of the book and have a misunderstanding of the message within instead of what the actually Bible does say.

Juan Pablo di Pace play Jesus Christ, Adam Levy portrays Peter, Emmett J. Scanlan is Saul, and Andrew Gower plays Caligula. NBC has a new digital talk show hosted by Jason Kennedy, called Beyond A.D., a first of its kind for the network. Viewers can turn into Beyond A.D. after each episode. Repeats of the previous episode will play before each new week’s episode.

A.D. The Bible Continues episode nine will air Sunday on NBC at nine p.m. ET. With only four episodes left and from what the sneak peek of episode nine hints at, A.D. The Bible Continues will only become more exciting as it shows what the apostles endured to spread the word of Jesus Christ.

By Jessica Hamel


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