South Africa Western Education Destroys Cultural Values

South Africa

Does the Western-based education system destroy cultural values, brainwash and keep South Africa and the rest of the continent intimidated? It might be true that western propaganda is an elevated superiority, the best and most advanced so far in the world. So powerful that it has infiltrated and destroyed many countries in the world, including Africa. The counter-revolutionary measures have also diverted many honorable Communist and Socialist movements, forcing them into defensiveness, militancy, and suspicion. This is the view of black South Africans.

Education is a form of learning, knowledge, skills, beliefs, and values. From one generation to another, through discussion, teaching, storytelling, and research, education gives guidance and direction for young minds to emerge as educated skilled people.

There is a belief that the western education system is nothing more than a well designed tool to kill the African indigenous knowledge, technology and social-economic development. An instrument to gain power over Africa and all the resources. A conviction that the Western education system is a procedure to inflict the minds of African people into believing the past historical culture is irrelevant. The well-planned western program of teachers and students seem to be the grassroots of society for the cultural and economic values are the targets of infiltration.

The unstable English language makes it even more difficult for Africans to acquire the necessary technology and knowledge needed. It challenges learners in the way that; they concentrate more on learning English vocabularies than the information or knowledge required. Thereby causing confusion of who black people are by ignoring values and ideals to follow and imparting arrogance to the young children.

South Africa is a lost nation because the masses follow the western propaganda and forget the culture and historical perspective. There are several black people who forget the cultural heritage to follow westerners. The mindset that everything belongs to whites and admission that there is no knowledge of how to manufacture airplanes or guns but know how to use the instruments.

The apartheid education system is frowned upon as a capitalist system to control the economy and prevent the masses from attaining economic freedom. The current school system in South Africa needs a fundamental change from the political control and the deliberate attempt to keep the masses uneducated.

Whatever school system South Africa implements there has to be a commitment from the scholars, teachers and parents. Most important is to leave politics out of education. Vandalizing and burning schools must stop, and government must ensure textbooks are available. The ill discipline of students and bad attitudes are not helping to develop a sound education system. Teachers are not qualified or dedicated; there is no commitment. The amount of money spent by the government on education is not invested into teaching the children, but rather missing in corruption and fraud.

Black South Africans must decide if the knowledge of the western education system is worth knowing and as Ntsiki Mazwai a South African artist said the students must not forget the customs, traditions and language. The black students must stop western learning and never forget the deeply rooted heritage of the past. By following the western propaganda, the African is a European clone, brainwashed into forgetting the real African dream.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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Photo Courtesy of DFID – UK Department for International Development Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

4 Responses to "South Africa Western Education Destroys Cultural Values"

  1. justnatrsa   June 12, 2015 at 3:40 am

    Lets get back to pre Colonial times: You have to crawl on all fours to see the Chief. If you have sinned there is no defense, no human rights. If the chief says you are guilty, you are. Then its being clubbed, stabbed or impaled. All your goods, women and cattle taken by the chief.

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  4. GeeAitch   May 31, 2015 at 7:21 am

    What a load of twaddle.

    And what are “counter-revolutionary” movements if not a foreign concept.

    Africans are urbanising rapidly. And there are no such things as “African values,” only human ones, unless you suggest Africans are not human.

    As for culture, while this is important, tribal norms largely suppressed women, including no rights for widows. Witchcraft was rampant with supposed witches killed by mobs. Slavery was also accepted as normal by Shaka, Mzilikazi et al. Should we teach that at school?

    African children are more devoted to their education than many in USA, UK, Australia. And they LOVE the Internet, or should that also be taken away as “unAfrican”.

    I suggest doing some real research.


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