Stephen Curry May Face Scheduling Problems With Basketball and Golf


Stephen Curry, who was just named the NBA’s MVP, may face scheduling problems with basketball and golf, which are the two sports he loves. Curry is set to play with the Golden State Warriors through most of June. The trouble is he also signed up to compete in an amateur golf tournament scheduled for the same time.

Reports in San Francisco are that the basketball star signed up for the California State Amateur golf tournament and is set to compete in the June 1 qualifier at Merced Golf & Country Club. To his credit, in deference to his basketball schedule, Curry did pick the last qualifying date available. The golf event is scheduled at Lake Merced in Daly City for June 22-27.

Sports reporters are speculating that the Warriors could still be playing on June 1, and even insist they could feasibly be playing on June 22. Considering the fact that Curry received a $44 million contract extension, there is little doubt as to where he would be if he must make a choice. While some could be given a special exemption into the field due to scheduling problems, most do not believe the California Golf Association would allow that for the basketball star.

Some may be surprised at Curry’s golfing ambitions, but the basketball player actually has a long history of the sport. He has golf skills and has a .1 handicap index. Curry’s scores range from 67 to 87 over the past 10 months, according to the scores posted. The basketball player typically plays at the California Golf Club in South San Francisco.

Participating in an amateur tourney is not a first-time experience for the MVP. He played as an amateur in 2013 in the American Century Championship. However, he may not be allowed to play in this tournament, even if the schedule works out. The multi-talented athlete received $9,504 in prize money in 2014 and most golfers must wait a year after reapplying for amateur reinstatement status before playing in those tourneys again. Ineligibility may resolve the scheduling problem that Curry faces in basketball and golf.

The tournament at Merced Golf & Country Club is a prestigious one for participants. It is one of America’s oldest amateur tourneys. It began in 1912 when the California Golf Association was formed, making this the 104th tourney to be played. The tournament was held at Del Monte Golf Club originally, then was moved to Pebble Beach. In recent years, it has shifted to various courses around the state to include both Northern and Southern California.

Curry, 27, has had a good week. He returned home after the second round of the playoffs to find his family acting strangely. He then noticed all of them had shirts on stating that they were related to an MVP. He said the revelation stunned him.

For all of Curry’s success as a basketball player and his talent as a golfer, former coaches said he could have been successful at practically any sport, including baseball. One former coach, Bob McKillop, said the athlete had talent in baseball at age 10, when he first met him. McKillop said the MVP could have gone into Major League Baseball, playing either center field or shortstop, which are the positions he played then. McKillop said Curry was good in both areas of the field, with good positioning in the outfield and an incredible range on the infield.

Curry may have been good at baseball, but there are enough scheduling problems facing Curry with basketball and golf. He will remain on the basketball court and will have to hope for a break if he wants to hit a few rounds of golf in June.

By Melody Dareing

NBC Sports
Christian Science Monitor
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Photo by Steve Rhodes – Creativecommons Flickr License

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