Supernatural: CW Exec Discusses Show’s Future Following Ratings Gain


Supernatural has demonstrated itself again to be a ratings phenomenon as its tenth season comes to a close. The hit show, which has been running subsequent to 2005, keeps on dominating over majority of the programs on the CW, giving network execs every reason to renew the show for, at least, another season.

According to reports, while a large number of the shows on the CW have a tendency to heavily fluctuate in ratings, Supernatural has built itself a strong following that has seen their latest season average above 1.95 million viewers. That is impressively higher than projects that get significantly more media attention, such as, The Vampire Diaries, which bowed out to a measly 1.4 million viewers for its finale episode, earlier this month. Not even Nina Dobrev’s sudden exit from the show could spare the program from falling flat when its evaluations were reported.

The creators of Supernatural are certain that its writers and devoted team can sustain the show’s success for many years to come, having already been announced as the longest-running original program to air on the CW since Smallville. The Superman-enlivened show broke down tailing its tenth season as an absence of viewers got to be another element on why the network chose to pull the plug and cross out the program completely.

Supernatural has yet to show signs that it could potentially face the axe, having grasped a key demographic that continuously show their support week to week. Not to overlook that with the finale airing this evening, it is being reported that its dazzling cliffhanger amid last week’s episode, could set the show up for another Wednesday win. TV analysts anticipate that the finale will be generally as large as its tenth season debut, which was seen by 2.5 million viewers.

CW executive Mark Pedowitz says he is a firm believer in Supernatural, for it has demonstrated to succeed with every advancing season. Something which numerous of different shows on the CW have not possessed the capacity to accomplish. As per EOnline, Pedowitz clarified: “I’m a big believer in the show,” he shares. “As long as the ratings hold and the boys want to do it, we’re in.”

Earlier this year, it was also heavily rumoured that producers of the hit show were planning to give fans what they have been asking for — a Supernatural spin-off. Reports asserted that spreading out and preparing a pilot for another show would see the program follow in the strides of Vampire Diaries, which was later given The Originals as an official spin-off. It would see storylines move between both projects, trusting that enthusiasts of TVD would stay with the new program, too.

Sources affirm that the spin-off is definitely still happening. It is unlikely to see the pilot air in the Fall, as insiders state producers would not commence with the new project until June, when the team returns to jumpstart ideas on Supernatural’s forthcoming script, and how they could conceivably actualize it with the new show.

Fans ought to be rest assured that when a declaration for the spin-off is made, it will pretty much be just as exhilarating to the show they have gotten to be fixated on. At least, according to executive producer Jeremy Carver who reveals: “At a certain point, we didn’t feel like we had the right idea to go with it this season, right on the heels of Bloodlines.” He adds: “We basically made it a point to continue discussing it but we want to make sure that we have absolutely the right idea to move forward on. It’s something that continues to percolate in discussions but we don’t want to put the wrong foot forward.”

By Maurice Cassidy


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  1. Vi Watts   May 25, 2015 at 9:09 am

    Why is a spin off needed? As long as you keep Sam and Dean it will continue to be a hi! I know I’m hooked since day one!

  2. Michelle   May 24, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    I hope Jensen, Jared agree to 12 and more!! There is some great stuff to tell!! Their story is far from over!!


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