Switzerland Gunman Kills in Relationship Crime

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According to Switzerland police, a gunman went on a late night killing rampage in a northern Swiss village, in what police are calling a relationship crime. It resulted in the death of three relatives and a neighbor. The gunman shot and killed four people, before turning his firearm on himself and pulling the trigger.

Police stated that nearby residents living in the town of Wuerenligen, had heard the sounds of the gunshots being fired just after 11 p.m. Switzerland time. Wuerenligen could be found Northeast of Zurich. It has a population of about 4,500 people and it sits near the border of Germany. When officers arrived at the crime scene, they found five dead bodies scattered about inside a very quaint and quiet residential neighborhood.

Michael Leupold, the state police chief, reported that the shootings were a result of some sort of domestic argument. He said the killings resemble that of a relationship crime. During a news conference, police said that any assumption of terrorist involvement in the incident has been ruled out, completely.

The alleged murderer was a Swiss national, 36 years of age. He and his wife were separated, but the couple had three children together. According to police reports, the alleged perpetrator took the lives of his mother-in-law, father-in-law and brother-in-law. It is presumed that after shooting his three family members, the gunman then walked outside and then entered the home of a neighbor, 46 years of age. The gunman shot the neighbor inside the home, just before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life.

The attack had come after the gunman’s wife took their three children and left him in their family home to find solace in a shelter. The perpetrator’s history of violence included a 2007 case in which the gunman was being investigated for inflicting bodily harm. Another incident involved a probe after the gunman had been making verbal threats to people in 2012.

Police have stated that investigating the shootings has been made very difficult for investigators due to there being multiple different crime scenes involved in the case. There has suggestions made that the cause for the increase of shootings occurring in Switzerland is because of abundance of firearms that have practically blanketed Switzerland. It has become too easy for people to access weapons. Considering the firearm that the gunman had used to murder five people, including himself, had been unregistered, it would not wrong to assume that the proliferation of guns in Switzerland could have put that weapon in the hands of the gunman.

Police have not revealed the identity of the Switzerland gunman whose killings is allegedly called a relationship crime, but they did release information stating the killer happened to live in another part of Switzerland and that he was known amongst police for having very violent behavior. Local reports from the media had described the gunman as being a police officer and a father of three. During investigation, it was discovered that the wife as well as the three children of the gunman, were not the intended target in the shooting rampage.

According to a Swiss newspaper, it is incomprehensible for these shootings to be continuously occurring. People of Switzerland have no need to be so angry in life. Switzerland is the happiest and the richest country in the entire world.

It just so happens that a report had been published sometime during the year, stating that the happiest people in the world resided in Switzerland. This finding was enough to spark waves of national media boasting and individual pride amongst citizens.

Police searched the Switzerland home of the gunman who committed this tragic killing, which is being called a relationship crime, but were unable to find any firearms inside the house. The wife and children are reportedly safe from harm.

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