‘The Bachelorette’ 2015 Season Continues With Bristowe; Will Nilsson Find Love?

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The BacheloretteThe Bachelorette of 2015 made its premier recently this month on ABC, and in season number 11, the show started off this year with a twist which will now continue with Kaitlin Bristowe, leaving many to now wonder if Britt Nilsson will find love. It was decided to have two bachelorettes competing against each other for the hearts of about 20 male bachelors, whom would decide whether Nilsson or Bristowe will stay for the second week, and possibly find love. After each bachelorette had the opportunity to meet, and spend a little time with each one, the men were asked which one they would like to possible find love with. Unfortunately for Nilsson, Bristowe had more votes.

Nilsson is a 27-year-old waitress in California, she had an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel live, and she said she thought Chris Harrison, the host was a little tricky how he let her down, but she understood it was so fans of the show would be entertained. Nilsson was initially shocked that she was not picked to be The Bachelorette, Nilsson felt that it was meant for her to be there, so in her mind she was pre-destined to do the whole season. She said the men seemed so nice, and she had a few feelings for some of them.

While Bristowe, who is 29-years-old and the new Bachelorette of the 2015 season as it continues, was getting ready for her first rose ceremony with one of the participants, when Brady Toop interrupted her to tell her he had shared a connection with Nilsson, who may find love now, as Toop felt he needed to follow his heart. The host of the show, Harrison, said he could help him find her, and he let him know what hotel she was staying in.

Kimmel showed a clip of Toop talking to Bristowe on the Bachelorette, but when he asked if they were dating, she could only respond to that question by saying how sweet it was, and just that she would be on the show next week. There are some that say Nilsson is a church volunteer, and her and Toop were seen together recently eating ice cream.

Bristowe said that when she first heard the news that the men picked her, she was full of emotion, she was thrilled to be the Bachelorette, however the first thing she thought of was Nilsson, and asked if she was doing okay. Bristowe wanted to go to her, and give her a big hug and tell her how sorry she was, but she knew Nilsson was a strong woman and would be fine. Bristowe said she would not wish feeling like that on any woman. When she did hand out her first rose, it was to Shawn, she told him how strong she felt for him, and of the attraction she had, and when he excepted her rose, they sealed it with a passionate kiss. That was not the only guy she shared a kiss with that evening, just before Shawn, she kissed Chris who had shared a cupcake with Nilsson.

Nilsson had been through heart-break recently on The Bachelor, being rejected on The Bachelorette could not have been easy for her. Other women might not have been so understanding, and not handled it as well. She keeps a good outlook on the path for love. The directors of The Bachelorette wished her well, and blurted out that love could be just around the corner for her.

The romance department is looking good for Nilsson, and after getting her heart-broken again it would be nice if she found love with someone from the 2015 season of The Bachelorette, which will now continue with Bristowe. Though, according to a sneak peek, Bristowe’s feelings get away from her with one of the guys, and some of the other contenders do not take the news so well, meaning she may also have problems finding love in future episodes.

Opinion by Katherine Miller-Chichester


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