‘The Bachelorette’ vs. ‘Game of Thrones’, Love vs. War

The Bachelorette

ABC’s The Bachelorette and HBO’s Game of Thrones are pretty comparable when it comes to love vs. war. Though these two shows are spun off of different themes, they actually have much in common, including a large viewership, drama, and sometimes even violence. The two shows have also both brought much controversy lately in the media, regarding sexual scenes. As if that is not enough, the Ordway Center’s new premiere of Camelot officially brings the two together, showing just how alike the two shows can actually be.

It is only believable that both shows would bring in a large viewership. As statistics show that dramas seem to be the most watched, The Bachelorette and Game of Thrones both bring to it the art of love vs. war. Though Game of Thrones leans more toward war and The Bachelorette leans more toward love, the two shows, though in different time lines, provide viewers with enough of both to keep them interested.

the bacheloretteThe Bachelorette is considered a reality show, where male contestants compete for the “lifelong” affection (as the two are expected to get married) of a female bachelorette. This brings about fierce competition between the males, causing a sort of civil war among the competition. Though some competitors choose to stay neutral and avoid involving themselves in the chaos, others go full force into rivalry. Then there is of course the sexual nature of the show. Making out, cuddling up, and having sex is all just part of the game for The Bachelorette, though apparently Kaitlyn’s sexual act in the new season was not playing by the rules. Hence the other thing that makes The Bachelorette like a medieval love vs. war theme, much like Game of Thrones. Men compete for the “queens” affection, in a war like state, without always playing by the rules.

Game of Thrones on the other hand, is a fictional show based on the writings of George R. R. Martin, where men, more recently, fight over the throne. The show is mostly centered around a civil war among nobles but game of thronesalso intertwines many different plot lines, including scenes of love and sex. Though set in a time long ago, the producers give a modern twist to the show, naturally as it is set in modern times. Though criticism of the show may prove that it is too modern, as it is often under controversy for frequent use of nudity and violence, including violent acts toward women.

The recent scene in which Game of Thrones showed the rape of a women brought much backlash for the producers of the show. The show often features sexual scenes that are not always approved of by viewers (though it is apparent that a rape scene is going too far). The Bachelorette also often features steamy, sexually charged scenes, and with a little bit of promiscuity, these scenes are also sometimes not well liked by viewers. However in a show based on relationships, it is expected. Bachelorette Kaitlyn’s sex with one of the contestants, however, was apparently outside of the rules of the show. This act also created more rivalry between contestants and controversy as the contestants became irate with the bachelorette, leading to a lot of crying (all according to the preview).

In a new twist on all of this, the performance of Camelot by the Ordway Center created a makeover that will supposedly brought a new meaning to the love vs. war theme and The Bachelorette vs. Game of Thrones. Last week on May 12, the theater opened with their new version of Camelot, the same show that has been running for many years, except in this version the focus is on Guenevere (nicknamed Jenny in the show to give it a more modern feel) and her choice between her husband King Arthur and Lancelot, the younger more adventurous man who she has affection for. Media is calling this the mash-up of The Bachelorette and Game of Thrones, except without the sex scenes. Director, Michael McFadden said that the reasons for the changes were to reacquaint audiences with old characters but give the story more of a modern interest. The changes also cut the previous three hour show to just over two hours.

With love, war, competition, violence (more in HBO’s show than in ABC’s), and sex, The Bachelorette vs. Game of Thrones shows that each has just the right mix of interesting. Though the latter is more about war, and the first is more about love, the two shows are actually pretty comparable when it comes the details that make up the shows. The difference between genre and timeline may show that viewers are interested in dramas, no matter what the theme is, and especially if the newest version of Camelot by the Ordway Center proves to be more popular. It is no doubt that many will go to view the mashed-up version of Camelot, just as viewers will continue to watch The Bachelorette and Game of Thrones, most likely for many seasons to come. As stirring up controversy seem to also be something both shows know how to do well, they will probably continue to be widely seen in the media.

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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