‘The Blacklist’ With James Spader Is a Hit

The Blacklist
The Blacklist made its premier on September 23, 2013, starring James Spader and Megan Boone, and it has quickly became a hit. Spader plays an ex government operative turned to a darker path. His character is Raymond ‘Red’ Reddingtion, who inexplicably turns himself in to the FBI with a Blacklist of criminals. The criminals range from dirty politicians to terrorists, which he agrees to help capture each one, but only if he can work with novice agent Liz Keen, played by Boone, and they work together to bring down the most sought after offenders in the world.

The Blacklist is on NBC at 10 p.m. eastern standard time, and is doing well, after the first nine episodes in the second season the ratings were up to 3.3 in the 18-49 demographic. That is up 15 percent from last season, and 11.83 million viewers, which is up 10 percent. The fans will be pleased that NBC has said that they will pick up the show for a third season in the same time slot.

The Blacklists star Spader, certainly did his part to make the show a hit. He was born in 1960 in Massachusetts, got his start in Hollywood as early as 1978 in Teammates, co-starred with Brooke Shields in Endless Love in 1981, and has entertained audiences in films like Pretty in Pink, Mannequin, and Baby Boom. Spader went to Philips Academy with director Peter Sellers, and dropped out in his junior year. He took odd jobs such as, a bus boy, yoga instructor, and picked up manure before he caught the acting bug. He was employed as a custodian at Times Square when he was cast in Endless Love. When he is not on the set, he really enjoys cooking. Spader, who appears to be of modest character, refuses to go see any of his own films. He has stated that he has very bad eye sight, and can not wear contact lenses, his sight is so bad that when he is portraying roles with out his glasses, he can barely see the face of the person across from him.

Spader does not have that bad boy image that most of his on-screen characters do have, he says he is really a nice guy. He is best friends with fellow actors Robert Downey Jr, Jason Alexander, and Eric Stoltz. Spader also says he has a very precise memory, one would even say photographic, he can take one look at a script, and will remember his lines word for word, only if the smaller two letter words are written too close together, than he will tend to fumble a little. Spader is not shy when it comes to asking for a certain amount of money for a film. Just before signing on to The Blacklist Spader replaced Steve Carell in The Office for its eighth season, after a brief appearance in the finale of the previous season, and even if the ratings had not declined he only wanted to stay on for one season.

Boone is Spaders co-star in the The Blacklist, she was born in 1983 in Michigan, went to hight school in Florida at a retirement community, so her family could be near her grandfather. She starred in movies such as My Bloody Valentine, Step up Revolution, and Sex and the City 2, and starred in seven episodes of Law and Order LA as ‘Deputy District Attorney Lauren Stanton.’ Boone was the first one to be cast in The Blacklist. She enjoys listening to music from such artists as Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, and Adele. Boone says she is very sensitive to someones attitude. She doesn’t believe in taking work her home with her.

Spader and Boone seem to have that on-screen chemistry that made The Blacklist a hit show. The show also stars Harry Lennix from Man of Steel, and Diego Klattenhoff from films like Mean Girls as well as Pacific Rim. 

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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