‘The Night Shift’ Renewed by NBC Despite Huge Ratings Fall

the night shift

The Night Shift has been renewed by NBC, despite a drastic ratings fall in its second series. Having first debuted on the small screen last May, the program indicated promising potential, averaging with up to 6.5 million viewers per episode. NBC noted that for a new show that is running through the summer, The Night Shift demonstrated incredible numbers, issuing them every reason to trust it would see the same success the second time around.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case. The Night Shift has averaged at a measly 5.3 million viewers in its 14-episode second season run, an immense fall by 1.2 million viewers who abruptly lost interest for the project when it returned to TV earlier this year. NBC has stayed committed to making the program a win, even placing its time-slot after airing its wildly popular talent show The Voice, but ratings still did not improve.

The Voice consistently receives numbers that surpass well more than 9 million viewers, effectively placing it as one of NBC’s biggest shows. Still, viewership for The Night Shift are not enhancing, yet the network is confident that one more run could see a surprising turnaround when the third arrangement of the show returns one year from now.

The project, which co-stars Ken Leung, Brendan Fehr, Jeananne Goossen and Jill Flint, sees a gathering of previous individuals from the Army, work the night shift at the San Antonio Memorial Hospital, sparing however many lives they can. It was named the highest-rated summer TV-show to average with ratings higher than 6.2 million on NBC during season one — an accomplishment that has not been achieved in the last fourteen years, the network confirmed.

5 million viewers tuning in to watch The Night Shift is still extensively higher than other fizzled projects that NBC announced cancelations to, earlier this year. The rundown included About A Boy, Allegiance, Bad Judge, Constantine, Mission Control, and One Big Happy — a comedy drama that was being executive produced by talk-show host Ellen Degeneres.

Sources uncover that with such a variety of shows being crossed out on NBC, executives may put more cash in making a specific program a hit, instead of burning through millions on TV pilots that have a measly risk of getting picked up for full a full season. Should this be the case, the network is able to market The Night Shift to a higher standard, in plans to recover the exceptional viewership it appeared with amid its first season run.

Weeks prior to the show’s follow-up season, co-star Eoin Macken gushed on how ecstatic he was when learning what groundbreaking achievements TNS received during its first season, adding that the entire cast could not be happier. “You never know with a new show. It takes awhile for shows to find their feet and for people to connect with it. We just got lucky that people liked us, straight away.” The actor continued: “You’re never bored watching this show, and that’s what’s fun about it because you’re sucked into it. At least, that’s what you hope.”

Reports suggest that The Night Shift will see an adjustment in its scheduling spot for its next series, subsequent to neglecting to demonstrate any significant improvements being placed in a time-slot right after The Voice. Moving back to its original position after America’s Got Talent, is said to be a thought for the show’s creators who are unwavering that season three will issue them one final opportunity to showcase the show’s full potential, mindful that if viewers do not catch on, the program could face the axe.

By Maurice Cassidy

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