The Vampire Diaries Characters Each Say Goodbye to Elena

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The Vampire Diaries

All the characters on The Vampire Diaries will get a chance to say goodbye to Elena. At least, that is the way that Julie Plec wanted it; and for the most part it will happen. Whether it is in real life or as part of a dream is another question.

Last week’s penultimate episode left The Vampire Diaries fans questioning whether Elena Gilbert was going to die. It would be the only real permanent way to lose the character, and would be somewhat fitting since she can no longer become a vampire after taking the cure. However, fans are crying out about this possibility, already angry that the main female protagonist will not be there for season seven in the fall.

During an interview with TV Line, Plec refused to confirm whether Elena would live or die, but she did share that the ending would be fitting. It was important for her to make sure the characters all got a chance to say goodbye to her, giving the fans a chance to say all their goodbyes, too. After all, some fans gravitate towards some characters more than others.

It is likely that Damon, Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie will all get to say their goodbyes. The second trailer for the episode has made it look that way. The benefit of Damon, Stefan and Caroline is that even if Elena is close to death, they can get into Elena’s head to say goodbye that way. Bonnie could possibly do it with magic. The Vampire Diaries characters will get to say their goodbyes to Elena in some way.

More questions arose after everything about Elena. One of those was that Stefan may just finally admit his feelings to Caroline. This has been a relationship that has been building since the second season of The Vampire Diaries, and it is about time that he admits the way he feels. The last time he held back, it led to Caroline turning off her humanity; and fans have not quite gotten over that.

From season seven, it looks like Stefan and Caroline will be the only relationship on the show. Things are not looking good for Jo, as Plec confirms that she will probably end up dead and Alaric will lose his twins. Maybe it is better that way considering the future that the twins will have as part of the Gemini coven.

Plec did admit that the Stereoline relationship may just happen and may actually be a happy one. She said that she wants to explore how things could work with a happy relationship, as drama is usually needed to keep things interesting for the viewers. The Vampire Diaries will have to find something else to add the drama, which really will not be that hard.

As for Elena, chances are that she will die in the season six finale. However, there is hope that she will live. Some foreshadowing may have played a part in the last episode, where Stefan told Damon that he would have to live a life of solitude, away from his family. It may be that Elena has to live that life, and comes to that realisation so all the characters on The Vampire Diaries need to say goodbye to her.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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