Supernatural: Prisoner [Recap/Review]

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Supernatural fans know that the season finale is almost here when the show mainly focuses on the overall story, and Prisoner did exactly that. After the traumatic events from last week’s episode, Dean is on the path for vengeance, and the brothers’ bond is almost shattered. With another season confirmed, it has led to many fans questioning just what could happen in the season finale.

The episode all started back with the Stynes in Louisiana. The youngest member of the family is constantly being bullied. When Eli Styne finds out, he brings the bully home and the youngest member needs to perform his first operation. It does mean a new forearm for Eldon. Some of this storyline seems to copy season three’s storyline with Billy Drago, so people can live forever.

As for the Winchesters, this week’s Supernatural was about mourning the death of Charlie. She got a hunter’s funeral, as expected, but just as Sam tried to apologize, Dean is done. He makes it very clear that he should be the one dead, and he is definitely out for revenge. Maybe he should give Emily Thorne a call to find out how to really manage it and get a happy ending.

Sam promises to stop trying to decode the Book of the Damned, and goes to Castiel and Rowena. Castiel agrees and is willing to kill Rowena, until Sam checks his emails and finds everything that Charlie sent him. Rowena can now read the Book of the Damned, but refuses to until Crowley is dead. It is the usual thing for the Winchesters; one brother goes behind the other brother’s back.

Prisoner sees Sam go out to kill Crowley, and many Supernatural fans wonder how Dean would accept that. The two were starting to become friends, after all. The good news is Crowley was ready for him, and showed off just how powerful he is. It was about time, really!

Crowley manages to get the devil’s trap bullet out of his back, and then burns the hex bag from Rowena. He only spares Sam to get a message to Rowena—she will “never see me coming.”

Castiel, meanwhile, is hunting down Dean, who is looking for the Stynes. Dean has been pulled over by a cop who knocks out one of the lights on Baby. There is no way that Dean is going to accept that. The cops say that the Stynes are gods, and sent him after Dean. Of course they did; what else would the Supernatural writers do?

Of course, Dean is not just arrested, but taken to the Stynes. He is tied down but the Mark of Cain will not keep him down for long. He manages to kill all in the house and then gets back to the bunker where Eldon and the youngest family member are learning all about Dean Winchester, including his taste in music, love of flannel and love of bacon cheeseburgers and pie. Oh, and then there is his brother.

Dean allows the Mark to take control, killing Eldon and then killing the youngest member, despite the pleas for mercy. Castiel gets there just too late, as usual for Supernatural, but does have a speech to give. While his family will die, Castiel will always be there to watch Dean murder everyone and he wants to save him from that.

Castiel refuses to let Dean leave, but Dean beats him up. Picking up the angel blade, there is the moment that Supernatural fans feared. Would Dean really kill Castiel? Just as Dean brings the blade down, he stabs the area next to Castiel and makes it clear that next time he “won’t miss.”

The drama was definitely unfolding and the season finale is next week. Prisoner has set it all up perfectly for Dean’s spiral and possibly Crowley’s comeback in Supernatural.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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