‘The Voice’: Live Finale Round [Recap & Video]

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On The Voice tonight, the Live Finale Round began, with each of the four remaining musical artists performing three songs. Koryn Hawthorne, Sawyer Fredericks, Meghan Linsey and Joshua Davis will each sing a song chosen by their fans, sing a solo song, and also they will sing a duet with their coaches. Christina Aguilera no longer has any musical artists left on her team, while Pharrell has two team members left and the other coaches have one team member, each, still in the competition.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced the Live Finale Round episode by recapping last week’s episode and telling how the four finalists made it to this point in the season. He said “Tonight, your Final Four go head-to-head for the very first time.” They will also be performing an original solo song.

Carson Daly introduced the coaches, then said that the musical artists would also be singing a song chosen by their fans. They will also sing a duet with their coaches.

Daly introduced Koryn Hawthorne, and showed her talking over with her coach, Pharrell Williams, about what song fans had selected for her to sing on The Voice. She sang It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World. She gave an AMAZING performance of the song, electrifying the studio audience.

Adam told her “We’re all so unbelievably proud of you.”

Blake said “That performance proves why you deserve to be here.”

Christina said “I’m so excited for you! That is just a fun song to sing.”

Pharrell told her “You did it! Everybody should stand up for her right now. This is for you! You were born for this. You are something else.”

After a commercial break on The Voice, Meghan Linsey sang the solo song that she wrote, Change My Mind. She said that she wrote it while going through a break-up. It sounded beautiful, and she poured her heart and soul into her performance of it. The audience swayed their arms as she sang, her voice soaring to the rafters.

Adam said “I’m proud of you, I’m proud of the show for promoting it. I love the song.”

Blake said “I have to hand it to you. You wrote the h**l out of that song. The hook is so powerful.”

Following another commercial break, the host of The Voice, Carson Daly, introduced Sawyer Fredericks and his coach, Pharrell Williams, singing the first duet of the night, Summer Breeze. Sawyer began singing, sounding TERRIFIC, as if he was the original singer of the iconic hit song.

The Voice audience clapped along as they both sang. Sawyer and Pharrell sat on the stage during the entire song, surrounded by musicians who were also seated. The audience erupted in applause as the song ended, and The Voice went to another commercial break.

Next to sing when The Voice returned from the break was Adam’s last remaining musical artist, Joshua Davis. He sang his own, original song, The Workingman’s Hymn. Adam gave Joshua advice as they recorded the song together, prior to Joshua’s performing it live on The Voice.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, then introduced Joshua Davis, and he had the audience into the song right from the beginning, clapping along as he sang it. The song sounded great, and Joshua did an awesome job singing it.

Blake said “Wow, you’re a great song writer!”

Adam told him “This just isn’t you writing a song. This is you writing a fantastic song. He wrote it, he sang it; vote for him!”

With all of the four musical artists remaining on this season of The Voice having now sung once, when the show came back after another commercial break, Carson Daly introduced Sawyer Fredericks performing a new original song written by one of his musical heroes. The name of the song he performed was Please.

Sawyer Fredericks KILLED this song, holding the studio audience in the palms of his hands as he sang. He played the guitar and stood up on a sort of pedestal on the stage, and the audience swayed their arms in the air to Sawyer’s heartfelt performance.

Adam said “This is like if I was 16 and Eddie Vedder gave me a song to sing. It would blow my mind!”

Pharrell told him “Adam’s right — it’s a dream come true. I got to watch someone’s dream come true, and you’re living the dream.”

After The Voice came back from more commercials, Koryn sang a duet with her coach, Pharrell Williams. They sang a funky version of the Beatles’ hit, We Can Work It Out. The audience screamed and cheered as they sang. It was a quite different version than the original…they did a great version of it, though it really turned out to be almost an entirely different song.

That performance was followed by Joshua Davis singing the song his fans chose for him to sing, Hallelujah. It is such an AMAZING song, and Joshua Davis did a FANTASTIC job singing it! There have been a lot of great singers who have also sung this song and did a terrific job with it, but Davis also did justice to it with his performance.

Christina told him “That was so heartwarming! I was so engaged — thank you for that.”

Adam told him “It was very special. You ought to be very proud of that performance.”

Next after another break, Meghan Linsey and her coach, Blake Shelton, sang a duet together, Freeway of Love. It kind of seemed an odd choice of a song for Blake to be singing, but they both did a wonderful job with this iconic hit song.

When The Voice came back, Joshua Davis and his coach, Adam Levine, sang a duet together. The song that they sang was Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes. They harmonized really well together, and the audience cheered and clapped as they performed the song.

After another break, Pharrell and Koryn met and talked about the original song that she will be singing, Bright Fire. Pharrell wrote it for her, saying he “was honored” to have done it.

Koryn NAILED this song, and got the audience pumped up with her performance of it. Pharrell did a great job writing the song, and Koryn gave one of her best performances of the season as she sang it.

Adam told Koryn “That’s Pharrell! He wrote you a song! Like, I want one of those, too — that’s crazy!”

Christina said “I am so happy that this moment worked out for you! It would not have happened without this man as your coach!”

Pharrell told her “It’s just like the lyrics say, ‘Here’s our bright fire!'”

Then, Carson Daly featured Meghan Linsey, sitting down and talking with her. He showed scenes of Meghan’s Blind Audition, and also other highlights of songs she has performed, along with comments from the coaches.

Carson introduced Meghan Linsey singing When a Man Loves a Woman, her solo song that the public chose for her to sing. It was a PERFECT choice for her, as it showcased her desire to be a soul singer, and she put a lot of emotion into the lyrics as she sang.

Pharrell told her “You, too, are living the dream. You have just completely re-written your future. People love you, man — congratulations!”

Blake said “I guarantee you, if there was a performance tonight that changed the course of events — I’m telling you, that was the performance of the night, right there.”

Following more commercials, it was time for the last musical artist of the evening on The Voice sing, Sawyer Fredericks. He will be singing the Neil Young hit, Old Man, the song that the public chose for him to sing.

Adam told him “No matter what, the purity of who you are and what you do — don’t ever lose sight of that.”

Christina said “I was so shocked when you chose Pharrell. But, he has been a great coach for you. I adore you, and I adore Pharrell.”

Pharrell said “I’m so happy to be a part of your dream.”

Tonight on the first of a two-part season Finale episode of The Voice, the remaining four musical artists performed for the final time to try to get the viewers of America to vote for them and make them the winner — but, there can only be one of them declared “The Voice.” Be sure to tune in tomorrow to the two-hour season Finale Results Show to find out who wins it all!

Written By Douglas Cobb

NBC Universal Media Village

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