‘The Voice’: Semi-Finals Results Show [Recap]

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On The Voice Semi-Finals Results episode tonight, the five remaining musical artists were cut down to just the Top Four, when one of them was eliminated by the end of the hour-long show. The suspenseful and entertaining episode revealed who were moving on, and the Bottom Two vote-getters sang at the end of the show to try to be the one who was “Instantly Saved” by the tweets of the viewers of America. Also, Walk the Moon performed, and Snoop Dogg sang with Pharrell.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, recapped last night’s episode and the terrific live performances by the Top Five musical artists left. He said that the three artists who received the most votes will automatically move forward, while the Bottom Two will sing for the “Instant Save.”

Daly then introduced Walk the Moon, who performed their hit song, Shut Up and Dance. Some of the lead singer’s hair was dyed red. They were INCREDIBLE, and had the audience engaged, cheering, screaming, and clapping and got them pumped up for the rest of the show.

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, then brought out the Top Five Semi-finalists onto the stage. He then revealed the name of the first artist who was saved by the votes of America. “The first Finalist is — from Team Pharrell — Sawyer Fredericks! Congratulations! The four of you are still at risk of being eliminated — you’re watching the live eliminations. We’ll be right back.”

Following a commercial break, Carson Daly introduced Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg singing and rapping the song, California Roll. Pharrell began the song, then Snoop Dogg added his impressive rapping skills to the song. The studio audience clapped along, with their hands above their heads. The song was a cool, soulful mix of pop and rap. The album the song is on is called Bush, and it is out today.

Then, The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced the first of the”The Voice Confessional” segments of the episode. It is kind of a filler segment, but they do offer some insights and trivia about the judges and musical artists.

It was time for Carson Daly to read off the name of the second musical artist moving on to the Finals. He read off “Our second Finalist is…Meghan Linsey from Team Blake! You’re in the Finals! Congratulations!”

After another commercial break on The Voice, there was just one more name to be announced before the Bottom Two musical artists would have to sing for the “Instant Save.” Carson Daly first introduced India, Koryn, and Meghan singing Faithfully by Journey. They did a beautiful job singing this iconic Journey hit.

Carson Daly announced “There’s a twist. Rather than say who America saved right away, I will reveal the name of the first artist who will perform for the ‘Instant Save.’ The name of the first artist who will perform for the ‘Instant Save’ is…India Carney! But first, give it up for Joshua and Sawyer, singing Drift Away.”

Joshua Davis and Sawyer Fredericks did a great job singing together. Maybe, on some future album, they will have one or more duets together, who knows?

Then, Carson Daly said to Joshua Davis and Koryn Hawthorne “One of you will move on to the Finals, the other one will join India to sing for the ‘Instant Save.’ The third artist who will be moving onto the Finals and was saved is…Joshua Davis from Team Adam! Koryn, you will be joining India Carney and singing for the ‘Instant Save’ right after this.”

When The Voice returned from another break, India Carney from Team Christina was the first to sing for the “Instant Save.” The song she sang was Dark Side. She NAILED it, and sang with a ton of emotion in her voice. It was a beautiful version of the song.

Christina told her “India, you always do my heart proud. No matter what happens, I’m with you, I’m behind you; I’m a fan of India Carney all the way. Please save this girl! You want her to stay to the end. Please, everybody — vote!”

Koryn Hawthorne from Team Pharrell was next to sing for the “Instant Save.” She sang If I were a Boy. Koryn also gave an amazing performance, and she had the studio audience cheering and clapping for her. Pharrell and the audience gave her a standing ovation.

“Did we all not feel this right here?” Pharrell asked the studio audience. “This young woman is singing for you. Please, vote for Koryn,” Pharrell said.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, said that the viewers of America had five minutes to tweet who they want to be “Instantly Saved.” Then, the show went to yet another commercial break.

Back on The Voice after the break, it was finally the time when Carson Daly announced which of the two remaining musical artists, India Carney or Koryn Hawthorne, was “Instantly Saved.” India gave some last-minute words of gratitude to Christina for having helped her this season. Koryn told Pharrell that “I’m so thankful and blessed to have you as my coach.” Pharrell and Christina, in turn, thanked Koryn and India for being members of their teams.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, announced “One of you was ‘Instantly Saved’ while the other one will be eliminated! America ‘Instantly Saved’ Koryn Hawthorne!”

Moving into the Finals, next week, on The Voice, with the elimination of India Carney, Christina now has no team members left. Adam has one, Joshua Davis, as does Blake, with his team member, Meghan Linsey, still alive and in the running. Pharrell Williams has two team members still remaining, Sawyer Fredericks and, thanks to the tweets of the viewers of America, Koryn Hawthorne. Be sure to tune in and watch the Finals of The Voice next week!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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