Tom Brady’s Career Might Truly Be Deflated

bradyTom Brady has been suspended four games for the allegations of his deflating the footballs at super bowl. Brady’s career is in jeopardy. His alleged involvement in playing the deflated footballs has really put a lot of stress on his team. The owners were fined $1 million dollars and lost there first round draft picks in 2016 and fourth round draft picks in 2017. These are some pretty stiff fines given the fact that no evidence was found. The Patriots team as a whole has taken quite a media beating with the scandal.

The NFL is justifying the punishments and fines because the team refused to cooperate in the investigation. This in the eyes of the NFL was morally wrong and these types of practices are just not acceptable. The NFL has a bad history with unfair punishments. Brady’s agent also mentioned this in a quote. He commented on the harshness of the fines and how the NFL is being unfair to the Patriots as a whole.

The biggest punishment was dealt to Jim McNalley. He is permanently banned for the NFL and will never be reinstated as a locker room attendant. He was the person to take the deflated balls to the field. Tom Brady obviously was willing to risk his career as quarter back due his lack of  diligent in his inspection of the deflated footballs.

By Sherry Raymond


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