Tornadoes in Oklahoma Cause Governor to Declare State of Emergency


Governor Marry Fallin is preparing an emergency declaration for the state of Oklahoma due to floods caused by tornadoes, and the tornadoes themselves. After Oklahoma saw a mass onslaught of tornadoes from violent storms on Wednesday, the governor stated that she was ready to declare the state of emergency, in order to keep residents safe from flash flooding across the state.

Fallin traveled to the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) to guarantee that the center was fully staffed and fully operational. She plans on traveling out into effected areas of Oklahoma on Thursday in order to assess the damage and help where she can. In the meantime, she plans for the SEOC to be well prepared to handle the situation in the aftermath of the tornadoes.

Though the tornadoes that touched down in Oklahoma did not cause any deaths, according to sources, they did cause damage to several different locations in the state. Several tornadoes touched down at different times throughout the day, causing worry among residents.

Though residents were able to stay safe recently, storms have caused large, group tornadoes in several different states over the last two days. Residents are worried that new tornadoes might soon cause more damage and new casualties, even though, so far, no one has been hurt and damage has been minimal. As it is tornado season, more are sure to come. Until then, the governor hopes they can repair the damage already done.

By Crystal Boulware


News 9

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