Train Crash Causes Evacuation of Heimdal North Dakota

train crash

On Wednesday morning a BNSE train crashed two miles outside of the city of Heimdal, North Dakota, causing an evacuation of part of the area. The train went off of the rails, causing a fiery oil spill, as ten out of the 109 cars attached, caught on fire.

The evacuation consisted of 35 people, but according to police authorities in the area, no one has been injured, so far. Firefighters have been working on the fire since the crash and authorities have been working to contain the oil spill. Sources state that they are unsure of whether the oil spilled as a result of the trail derailment.

So far, no more news has been issued about the train crash, but it has been confirmed that everyone is safe and that damages from the crash that caused the evacuation in Heimdal, North Dakota are minimal. The emergency manager for Wells County, Tammy Roehrich stated that the crash looked similar to one that had happened in 2013 in Casselton, North Dakota. No one was hurt in that crash, either.

By Crystal Boulware


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