Turk Proposes New Outcome of Masturbation: Says It Will Leave a Man’s Hand Pregnant in Afterlife [Video]


A rubber glove may be the answer to the out of the world, new theory that a Turkish televangelist has proposed. Mücahid Cihad Han, an Islamic preacher from Istanbul, warned a viewer that masturbation will leave a man’s hand pregnant in the afterlife. Han quoted an Islamic text while emphasizing that masturbation is a forbidden act.

On May 24, a viewer called the television station to ask Han a question. Momentarily leaving Han speechless, the viewer confessed that although he is still married, he continues to masturbate occasionally. He also said that he performs the forbidden act during the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Stunned, the televangelist then asked the caller to repeat his question several times more. Han, who has more than 12,000 followers on Twitter, was mocked on Turkish social media after newspapers published his television ‘fatwa.’ His response to the question related to masturbation has received a major backlash from all quarters. Han is being asked many hysterical questions like whether abortion would be allowed in the afterlife, and if there were any good hand-gynaecologists.

masturbationSome users also asked if Han believes that being pregnant is a punishment from God. Han admits that the topic is controversial, and people do have various opinions regarding the subject. He explained that if the viewers were single and unmarried, he could simply suggest that they get married. However, as this particular caller was already married, there was nothing more that could he say. The Turk still stands by his proposed new outcome of masturbation, which he says, will leave a man’s hand pregnant in the afterlife.

Han has uploaded the television segment on his Twitter account. The non-translated video shows the Islamic preacher on live television during a question and answer session. The Turkish televangelist warns the married man using one hadith or teaching from the Islamic prophet Muhammad, stating that a man’s hands will become pregnant in the afterlife if he has sexual intercourse with them, meaning using his hands for masturbating.

He said that the hand will complain to god against the sexual intercourse over its rights. Han also urged his viewers to resist the devil’s temptations. A leading news source in Turkey first broke the story online regarding the new outcome proposed by the Turk. They said that Han is referring to Istimna, the Arabic word for masturbation. Also, several hadiths are ambiguous in nature, and there is no obvious reference to masturbation in the Holy Quran.

There are various interpretations of the hadiths and the Holy Quran. Some claim masturbation is haram or forbidden, while others consider it as an act which is simply frowned upon. Mainstream Islam sees it as acceptable in certain circumstances such as, if the person committing the act is unable to marry, or if masturbating will stop the person from committing adultery. Han is said to be enjoying all the attention he is getting from the press. Since May 25, Han has been retweeting all the stories featuring him, including the ones that are negative, like his proposed new outcome of masturbation, which according to him will leave a man’s hand pregnant in the afterlife.

By Ankur Sinha

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