‘Wayward Pines’ Ratings Flop: Show Already Facing Cancelation by Fox?

wayward pines

Wayward Pines fizzled at having any kind of impact when it debuted its first episode, Where Paradise Is Home, on Thursday night to a measly audience of just 3.8 million viewers. As indicated by reports, the FOX mini-series did not just struggle in the ratings department, it also saw a disillusioning 1.0 rating among adults 18-49, putting the program at risk of potentially facing cancelation before the series even ends.

The show sees a Secret Service agent in search of two people who, all of a sudden go missing. After landing in Wayward Pines, Idaho, entanglements emerge which, in the end, lead to the thought that the protagonist will never get out of Wayward Pines alive.

It has been suggested that the reason behind such low ratings of an anticipated show, such as, Wayward Pines is merely down to the fact that the show faced strong competition from ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and American Crime, all which dominated Thursday evening’s prime-time television.

Executives over at FOX are trusting that with the finale of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, Wayward Pines should find it less demanding to get viewers tuning in now that there is less rivalry from different networks. Execs are hopeful that they still stand a chance in making their newest project a hit, despite a very slow start. Should this not be the case, and ratings keep on slowing down below 4 million, the Matt Dillon-led scripted show could confront the news of a cancelation.

With its triumphant streaks since the beginning of the year, FOX is dead set to make Wayward Pines what it has made out of shows, such as, Empire. The Glee-propelled show has turned out to be a gigantic accomplishment for the network, averaging at 19 million viewers for its finale, last month. Empire, which concentrates on a dysfunctional family running a record label, has subsequent to being named the greatest show in 2015, so far.

In any case, with FOX declaring the cancelations of some of its beloved programs, including American Idol, more space is being made to welcome new shows to the forefront that TV execs hope will have the same social impact that Empire has had. With Wayward Pines being named as a mini-series, producers will be able to judge whether the program catches on with enough viewers enough to offer it a full season in the Fall. A whopping amount of ten episodes is set to air within the next two months, which will determine the program’s fate on whether it will pick up in ratings, or fall flat and get scrapped before its current season ends.

Co-star, Terrence Howard, has said that he hopes Wayward Pines sees a bright future ahead, jokingly adding that the show could help him finance his children’s retirement plans. “You realize the money is in TV,” he tells Blake Crouch. “The retirement is TV. Now I’ve got two shows and hopefully one of them will pay off and my kids will have the retirement because the parents never really get it. It’s the kids who inherit the farm.”

Nothing was sufficiently fascinating on Thursday evening that would see any of the televised programs pass viewing figures of 10 million. Both Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy averaged at 8.3 million, making it the two most-watched shows of the night, while Nina Dobrev’s foreseen exit from The Vampire Diaries still did not push the show for an effortless ratings boost. The program ended with 1.44 million people viewing its final episode.

Taking a gander at the general rating figures, the majority of Thursday’s shows failed to meet significant expectations. Wayward Pines returns this Thursday on FOX.

By Maurice Cassidy


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