Drone Gunned Down by Turkish Jets

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Syrian state TV has just announced that the unspecified aircraft gunned down by Turkish fighter jets was a drone. A Turkish official from the military has confirmed that following a space violation of an unidentified aircraft, two F-16 jet fighters have opened fire and shot it down. In a statement made by Ankara, the suspicious stray aircraft was intercepted by the Turkish fighter jets and two missiles were launched before the aircraft was destroyed.

Turkey is sharing a 900km border with Syria, and since Ankara has expressed its opposition to the regime of President Bashar Assad, the border is being heavy patrolled by the Turkish military jets. Even if Syria has repeatedly accused Turkey of support for the military insurgents and their rebellion, since the civil war started four years ago, Ankara has constantly dismissed these allegations.

Similar incidents have occurred in the past, in March of the last year when a Turkish F-16 shot down a Syrian MiG25. This time, the confusion comes after the military officials stated that the unspecified aircraft, which turned out to be a drone, violated the Turkish airspace, while the Turkish NTV news channel said that the incident took place over the Syrian border.

According to the Syrian state TV, the Turkish fighting jets have shot down not a Syrian aircraft, but a small surveillance drone. It has not been revealed yet to which country the surveillance drone that was gunned down by the Turkish F-16 jets, belongs to.

By Lucky Graziano


Yahoo News – Syrian TV says Turks shot down surveillance drone, not aircraft

Photo Courtesy of Airman Magazine by Flickr page – Creative Common License