Were Hitler Masks Worn by Cork Stag Group Repulsive?

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A group of men from Cork, Ireland, who were at a stag party in Prague, Czech Republic, wore Adolf Hitler masks and abused several people in a club. The incident happened at Caffrey’s Irish Pub, and the owner was quite disturbed by the incident. He even reported the incident to a newspaper and sent a letter to the daily. He mentioned that a group of 25 men acting repulsively, and who were part of the stag party, misbehaved with the female staff and even slapped them on their backsides.

Frank Haughton, the pub owner, said that all the men in the group were using vulgar phrases about various sexual acts. Although very few people came out openly in support of the men in the group, the version of the pub owner has been verified by several other persons.

The father of the bride came out in support of the stag party and defended the men, saying that they are decent men. This view is contrary to the view of the pub owner. Haughton even termed the stag party as the worst one ever and an insult to Ireland. He went on record to say, “I’ve never seen anything like this,” and also condemned their acts towards an elderly couple.

On the other hand, the father of the bride conveyed that the men in the Cork stag group were no cowboys, and wholeheartedly supported his son-in-law, who was a part of the group. Even as the behavior of the men was disappointing, the pub owner pointed out the fact that it was all the more insensitive because Jewish neighborhoods were close. To put it in context, Hitler was a dictator who carried out genocide against the Jewish people in World War II.

During the World War, Hitler decided to implement a policy of “Aryanization.” As a part of this policy, the Jewish community had to suffer a lot in many ways. Jewish people were bullied, their entrepreneurial ventures were destroyed, and they were treated mercilessly. Racial riots and concentration camps for mass murder of Jews inflicted devastating consequences on the Jewish people. These incidents have made history quite painful, especially to the Jew community.

Hence, it seems quite natural for the pub owner to point out the fact that there were Jewish neighborhoods around. The customers who were sitting in the pub were repulsed, and protested against the stag party men, asking them to stop. According to the sources, the other customers asked them to remove the Hitler masks and stop the abuses.

As per the pub owner, stag parties often have themes, and many people dress like women or even babies, but these men were wearing Hitler masks. It made the local people very uncomfortable since Hitler is regarded as the main force behind the mass killings of Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies and other groups he deemed as unworthy.

The owner of Caffrey’s Irish Pub also owns James Joyce Bar in the city and is a respected man of the neighborhood. As per his comments, the sad thing about the incident was that most of the men in the stag party were either 30-years-old or above. Some were even older than 55.

However, it seems that the men in the Cork stag party may have committed a mistake, but it is difficult to conclude.There are many versions of the story as to exactly what happened in the pub. Also, there are people who have squashed the allegations that the Hitlers masks were repulsive, so one needs to be very careful before assuming something.

Opinion by Sunando Basu


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