Will Atlanta Hawks Fall Victim to Cavaliers Sweep?


With a three losses, so far, the question has to be asked if the Atlanta Hawks will fall victim of a sweep by the Cleveland Cavaliers. So far the Cavaliers have played well, even with injuries on their team keeping some of their best players out. However, with LeBron James on the team, the Cavaliers are likely to continue to do well, as James recently led the Miami Heat to several chances to win a championship, of which they won in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, with James being the Finals MVP and the season MVP. However, upon his decision to rejoin the Cavaliers, he openly told Sports Illustrated that he could not promise a championship for the Cavaliers, as he was going in with a “young team and a new coach.” Nevertheless, even though he did not make promises, he and his fellow teammates have been able to successfully take the team to being only one game away from playing in the finals, for a chance to win the NBA Championship.

With a slow start to the playoff games, it seemed that the Cavaliers were not going to be able to pull out a victory this year. Many fans commented on Twitter, giving James a hard time over his playing skills, or lack there of. LeBron was upset about the way that things were going but is now hopeful, just as his other team members are about being able to at least make it to finals. As it looks that the team will be playing the Golden State Warriors,Hawks who have defeated the Houston Rockets, thus far, with a 3-1 win, as they successfully came back in the fourth game. As the Rockets hold on, surviving a sweep of the Warriors, they may be able to come back, sending them to the finals, but odds are currently against them, and against the Hawks.

In the meantime, the Cavaliers have had a rough time with two of their players being out. Kyrie Irving is missing the game, for a second time, and Kevin Love is also still out. All four of the teams have suffered injuries, which put many off their players out during some, if not all of the conference games played so far, but the Cavaliers and Warriors are holding strong.

This means that it may be possible that the Atlanta Hawks will fall victim of the Cleveland Cavaliers sweep. Until the last game is played, no one will know for sure if that is the case. However, with three losses so far, it seems that the Cavaliers will be the team to advance to finals.

The Hawks are upset at the fact that everyone seems to be counting them out. The whole time predictions made by sports enthusiasts have been guessing that the Cavaliers would be the stronger team, bringing in the wins. Though predictions have been right, the Hawks feel as though they could possibly come back in the fourth game, just as the Rockets did. They will definitely need to be able to do this, if they want to stay in the running for finals. Sources state that Paul Millsap has been doing whatever he can to try and defeat the Cavaliers. Stating that he guards LeBron, trying to keep him from scoring, or rebounding for a chance to score. They state that Millsap is the stoic one, as he is often not noticed until a look at the stat sheet shows all that he has done, during the game. Other players have fought hard to avoid elimination even against the, undefeated in Playoffs games, Cavaliers.

With a 6-0 record, in the last six games played, it seems as though the Cavs will not be beat in the possibly final game of Playoffs, against the Atlanta Hawks. Many are counting on the Atlanta Hawks falling victim of a sweep of the Cavaliers, which will send the Cavs to the finals round. Now, whether or not the Cavs, if sent to Playoffs, can beat the Warriors, is a whole other story. However, as sources call the Cavaliers a title starved team, a win may be just what they need.

By Crystal Boulware


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