‘Texas Rising’ Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan Lost 40 Pounds for Role by Eating Tuna

Texas Rising

Often, the stars of Hollywood go through drastic weight loss in order to fill roles for the movies that they play in. One such star did just that in order to fit his role. The actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan lost 40 pounds for his role in Texas Rising, by doing none other than eating tuna fish everyday. Living on just one can of tuna per day, Morgan was determined to lose weight, but sources are calling it the most unhealthy way to do so. Known for the short role in Grey’s Anatomy, playing the beloved character Denny Duquette, the actor was only told by producers to lose ten pounds, in order to play his sick character. However, Morgan decided to take it even further, avoiding diet and exercise, and taking the get skinny quick scheme of one tuna can per day.

The Interview

Morgan told reporters in an interview that he knew he was losing weight in the most unhealthy way. He said that by the end of the show he was moving at snail-like pace, which is to be expected when a person crash diets on tuna, without even consulting a doctor. Eating tuna fish for a prolonged amount of time can be harmful to the body. With many other options to lose weight, it is surprising that Morgan was willing to put himself at risk.

The Role in ‘Texas Rising’

Playing a character named Erastus “Deaf” Smith in Texas Rising, he had to fake having Texas RisingTuberculosis, a bacterial disease which mostly affects the lungs. With symptoms like fever, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, wheezing, a persistent cough, and pain in the chest, Morgan had his work cut out for him. Morgan should be use to playing a dying man, however, as he played Denny Duquette, a man who was dying of heart failure, and in the end, after getting a new heart from a transplant, surprisingly died of a blood clot. Many believe that he did a great job in his role in Texas Rising, despite the actor putting his body in danger from eating too much tuna.

Benefits of Tuna

Though tuna fish can have its benefits, as sources claim, it can also have a downside. Nutritional value of tuna include, being high in protein, being low in calories, and being rich in vitamins, including being rich in Omega-3’s which can help heart health, cholesterol, and increase children’s cognitive abilities by providing DHA. Some of the health benefits that can come from eating tuna are a reduced risk of stroke, heart disease, cognitive decline, cancer, eye disease and mood problems. Eating tuna can have some very positive effects on the body.

Danger of Tuna

However, eating tuna can also have one major negative effect: mercury poisoning. Sources state that, while it is probably okay to eat tuna everyday for a while, it is a possibility to get mercury poisoning from the prolonged consumption of it. This can cause symptoms like tingling sensations, weakness (which Morgan said he had, though it could simply be from the weight loss), mood swings, irritability, loss of balance, and more. According to the FDA, mercury poisoning can also come from all types of fish. However, information from health websites claim that the chances of catching mercury poisoning are also due to a person’s weight, sensitivity to mercury, and more. Since Morgan was eating tuna everyday to lose weight, he was probably putting himself at extreme risk, but for the sake of his role in Texas Rising, he took the chance.

Texas Rising

The movie Texas Rising was featured recently on The History Channel. It is a war movie Texas Risingabout the 1830’s Texas revolution against Mexico. During the revolution, troops led by Col. Fanin were surrounded by the Mexican Army, making it seem like surrender was the only option. However, Gen. Santa Anna pulled off a victory, in the end. Hence the name Texas Rising.

It seems that it all worked out in the end, and fans of the actor hope that he will gain some pounds, now that his role is over. His Texas Rising role may have caused Morgan to decide to lose 40 pounds by just eating tuna, but fans have always loved the husky look on him. Being incredibly skinny just does not seem to suit him.

By Crystal Boulware


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