Kelly Rutherford Gains Custody of Her Children Once More [Video]

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Kelly Rutherford, best known for her role on the highly successful CW teen drama Gossip Girl, has gained custody of her children once more. The access in question is temporary, but it still a milestone achievement given the struggle the actress has gone through in the past three years fighting a legal war with her ex-husband.

A Los Angeles superior court judge, Mark Juhas, recently ruled the actress’s two children (Helena, 5, and Hermes, 8) were to be returned to the United States from Monaco. The two children had been living in the country with their father, Daniel Giersch. The temporary awarding of custody marks the end of a three-year battle between the 46-year-old and Giersch. Reports have stated that the children’s mother will keep their passports once they return to America. A Los Angeles superior court hearing has been scheduled for June 15.

The already tense situation escalated recently when Giersch reportedly told Rutherford that she was not allowed to see the children unless their United States passports were handed over to a “neutral” third-party. The actress, however, claims that the individual in question actually belonged to her ex-husband’s legal team.


Recently, a petition began circulating the internet requesting that Rutherford regain access to her kids. While this time of thing is the norm when it comes to celebrities, what was different about this one is that it was advocated for by one of her co-stars. Ed Westwick, who played Charles Bass on the show, took to his social media accounts to share the form and urge people to sign it. It gave the already well-known situation a ton more publicity, and people were adding their names in droves.

Rutherford filed an emergency petition back on Friday, stating that Giersch was doing his best to try to change the citizenship of their two children in order to further block her having any access to them whatsoever. Juhas responded immediately, and informed the father that he was ordered to return the children back to their mother pending the aforementioned hearing. The man has allegedly, according to Rutherford, been violating the terms of their custody order since 2013. He was allowed to have the children live with him abroad while he dealt with a United States visa issue, but the actress feels he has been abusing this privilege and making no move to actually sort it out, in order to make things harder for her in terms of visitation.

Fans of the actress are thrilled at the ruling which gave Kelly Rutherford returned custody of her children after all this time, as they also feel that Daniel Giersch has been violating the terms of their agreement and unduly keeping her from accessing her children. The Melrose Place star’s legal team has issued a statement detailing their happiness at the verdict, and say that they hope Monaco will respect the decision and send the children home to their own country to be with their mother once more. They went on to reiterate their position that the country has had zero jurisdiction regarding the children in the first place, as they are American born citizens.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


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