Aetna Sends Proposal to Buy Humana


Breaking news has happened in the healthcare industry. Aetna has sent a proposal to take over Humana according to CNBC. Business Finance News has reported that Humana has been looking for a potential buyer for a while. They explain the company has not performed well in the last three-quarters and The Affordable Care Act has changed the game in many ways. They also point out this is a good time for Humana to act.

Business Finance News claims that with the slight increase in Humana’s first-quarter earnings in 2015, a takeover will benefit them greatly at this time. A merger will also help the company improve its insurance plans, including the Medicare Advantage plan. Other companies had shown interest in making the purchase.

Cigna Corporation was among the list having talks with Humana as stated by Business Finance News. As CNBC has just broken the news, Aetna has sent forth a formal proposal to Humana. At the news of its self-sell, Humana’s stock value soared according to Business Finance News. The company has been working with Goldman Sachs to achieve its goals.

Business Finance News claims that a movement like this will create a superpower in the insurance industry. Both Humana and Aetna are among the top five major insurance companies  in America. Aetna has officially sent its proposal to Humana.

By Megan Hellmann


CNBC Now-Twitter Feed

Business Finance News-Humana (HUM) is Looking for Potential Buyers

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