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Apple Inc. unveiled at its recently-concluded developers conference, a new app that will deliver a news reading experience to iPhone and iPad users. The News app will come with iOS 9 in the fall and will combine a magazine layout and the digital media’s customization and immediacy. Apple Inc.’s News app will present millions of topics based on user interest that can be shared and is powered by the Apple News Format custom design. The latter is a format for digital publishing, which makes it possible for publishers to create stunning layouts.

According to Macworld, Apple Inc.’s News app looks superior for many purposes with several characteristics. News articles are seamlessly delivered in an uncluttered format, said Eddy Cue, senior VP of Apple Inc.’s Internet Software and Services. He stated that almost 20 publishers have already joined, with more than 50 titles like ESPN, Bloomberg, Hearst, The New York Times, Time Inc., Condé Nast and CNN.

The News app will collect the user’s favorite stories in one customized newsfeed called “For You.” Readers will see publisher channels as well as the topics they are following while “Explore” makes suggestions based on what the user already read.

The News app lets publishers present their stories in attractive formats, and utilize the power of iOS. They can include audio, maps, video, galleries and rich interactions in their news, like animation and parallax. Live content can come with intuitive Multi-Touch gestures and custom fonts. Then Apple Format makes them look good on the iPhone and iPad.

President of Condé Nast Bob Sauerberg said their premium content deserves a premium mobile experience and Apple’s News app delivers it. He said that Apple Inc.’s app has an environment that mixes the immersive and rich design of their photography, editorial and artwork expertise.

Meanwhile, fans of ESPN are engaged with content very much, hence, with News app, ESPN can offer more vibrant experience, said President John Skipper of ESPN, who is also the Disney Media Networks co-chairman. He added that ESPN apps has been successful in iOS and News will deliver even more personal and richer experience for the readers to stay up-to-date on sports news.

Apple Inc.’s new app which will deliver news to iPhone and iPad will compete with other news applications, as well as with Discover by SnapChat and the new Instant Articles feature of Facebook which makes it possible for content creators to publish to News Feed. Discover and Instant Articles were respectively launched in January and May.

News app has gained some early impressions from the media itself. It will give access to a limited content that it makes interesting, to entice readers to subscribe. However, it has a leaky paywall as a publication offering a paid subscription, said Macworld. For now, full-scale news apps are still needed.

Allowing rich display of content is the News app’s best part, as it can let readers discover content that they might otherwise miss. iAds advertising platform could also bring revenue to sites which have few results from other programs like Google, or do not want to work with them at all.

The potential problem for News, Macworld believes, is it may become irrelevant to the interest of readers. It is basically a service for news curation like Flipboard, a digital mag lookalike that pulls news items based on consumer interest.

Tech titans like Apple are winning to get the audience attention. Apple Inc.’s new app will deliver news to iPhone and iPad users by compiling stories from big media bodies, the new News app seems confident and according to CNN Money, some journalists and news organizations are asking what they should do next. Apple already has lots of big names as partners in the news venture and soon people will be reading news content from their iPhone and iPad.

By Judith Aparri

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