Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Birbiglia Were Guests on ‘Tonight Show’

Tonight Show

The Tonight Show this Wednesday, June 24, had on as Jimmy Fallon’s two main guests former governor of California and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger from the upcoming action/thriller Terminator Genisys and actor and comedian, Mike Birbiglia from Orange Is the New Black. The musical guest on the episode was Major Lazer.

Fallon began the Tonight Show by coming out onto the stage and getting welcomed by a standing ovation. He said that “we have Arnold Schwarzenegger here tonight!” He then did his monologue, referencing topic like Donald Trump running for the office of the presidency. He should he “would probably rarely leave the White House because he would be so busy.”

Fallon also joked about presidential candidate, Senator Lincoln Chafee, and the news that a poll said a generic Democratic candidate would beat a generic Republican candidate.

He said on the Tonight Show ┬áthat “Chris Christie might announce he will be running for the presidency next week, when incidentally, we will be off. Well played, Chris Christie; well played.” Fallon also said that producers of the new Independence Day movie gave fans a sneak peek at the movie, which included scenes of a “Moon Tub.”

“Facebook is now officially worth more than Walmart, when stock prices rose three percent yesterday,” Fallon stated. He then showed a clip of a father at a Cubs game, feeding his baby. The father managed to reach out and grab a baseball hit his way.

Fallon mentioned upcoming guests on the Tonight Show, like Penn & Teller, then he said that tonight, the guests will be Arnold Schwarzenegger from Terminator Genisys and Fallon said “He and I will do a new thing tonight, ‘Brain Storm.'” Mike Birbiglia will also be stopping by, and the musical guest, he stated, would be Major Lazer.

He then said what the hottest songs on the Billboard charts were, and the songs at the bottom of the chart. Fallon said “At number 96 was Bad Blood by Dracula. Number 97 was The Peaceful Snores of Aaron Neville. Number 98 was The Inspector Gadget Theme Song by Donald Trump. At Number 99, we have Shaggy talking about his weekend plans. Finally, at Number 100 was What a Wonderful Jurassic World by Louis Armstrong. The songs were all AMAZING!

Back from a break on the Tonight Show, Fallon introduced his first guest, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Next Wednesday, July 1, Terminator Genisys will open in teaters in the U.S. Fallon said that he “has a part in Jurassic World.”

Schwarzenegger said “I’m really proud of you. They brought back dinosaurs and they brought back your movie career from the brink of extinction.”

Schwarzenegger invited Fallon to a cigar club and gave him a big Cuban cigar. He said “I told you don’t cough, because that makes you look like an amateur, and don’t lick, and you did both of those things. I thought I was a failure at teaching.”

He talked with Fallon about his new program, “After School All Stars,” designed to keep kids off the streets and under adult supervision. Then, Fallon showed a clip of Schwarzenegger dressed up as the Terminator, at Madam Tussaud’s Wax museum and he scared people. They had the chance to win tickets to the premiere of Terminator Genisys, and Fallon called up the winner, right on the show.

Then, on the Tonight Show, they both talked about the new Terminator movie. Fallon asked Schwarzegger if he could sum the movie up in ten words or less. Schwarzenegger tried, then Fallon said “You fight yourself in this movie, a younger version of yourself.”

The younger version is there to destroy the human race and the older version is there to save the human race. The scene that Fallon showed was of the younger version demanding clothes from some people, and then the older Schwarzenegger showed up, saying “You won’t be needing the clothes.” He opened up fire on the younger version, who ran at him, apparently unfazed by the hail of bullets hitting him.

Tonight Show

Following a commercial break on the Tonight Show, Fallon and Schwarzenegger did the comedy bit “Brain Storm.” Schwarzenegger gave the “answers,” while Fallon provided the “questions.” For instance, Schwarzenegger said “I’ll be back,” and Fallon said “What Chris Christie says when he leaves an all-you-can-eat buffet.” Then, another was Schwarzenegger said “On Top of Old Smokey.’ Fallon replied “Where Willie Nelson’s wife was on their wedding night.”

Tonight Show

Fallon the introduced actor and comedian Mike Birbiglia, who stars in the new Judd Apatow movie, Train Wreck. He plays Amy Schumer’s brother-in-law in the movie. He also is one of the stars of HBO’s Orange Is the New Black. He plays a “corporate shill” in the series.

Birbiglia and his wife had brought their new baby with them backstage, and they took a picture of Fallon holding their baby. Birbiglia said eventually, he and his wife had to tell somebody that she was going to have a baby.

In a line to see President Obama, Birbiglia said “This is wife, Jen — she’s newly pregnant, Don’t tell anyone.” Obama told them “Get some sleep.” Birbiglia said “We had to laugh. He’s the president.”

Obama gave him some other good advice, like “Their poo doesn’t smell as bad as adult’s poo.” He gave them more advice, and Birbiglia said that his wife told Obama, “If you think of any more advice, just text us.”

Tonight Show

Back from yet another break on the Tonight Show, from Peace Is the Mission, Major Lazer performed the song Lean On. It was a fantastic song, very energetic and cool-sounding, sort of EDM style music, pop/synth oriented. Labels and categories are not always very expressive or accurate — the song was simply cool, though that word means different things to different people, also.

Fallon thanked his guests after another break on the Tonight Show, and he started to go up the aisles greeting audience members and giving the high fives like he generally does at the end of the Tonight Show, but there was not any more time left in the episode. Fallon interviewed his two main guests, Schwarzenegger from Terminator Genisys, and Mike Birbiglia, from Orange Is the New Black and the movie Train Wreck. Major Lazer closed out the entertaining show with the song, Lean On.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

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