Taylor Swift Jumps Backward to Pop of the 80s and Takes Listeners With Her


Taylor Swift has been performing since 2006 when she signed on with Big Machine Records, an independent record company, at the age of 14. Her first album was self -titled, and it established her as a country music performer. With her new music, Swift jumps backward to the pop music of the ’80s and takes listeners with her. The latest album, 1989, was released Oct, 7, 2014. Her world tour began in Japan on May 5, 2015; the schedule is posted on the singer’s website. It is aggressive, with her performing several times a week in various countries.

The new album shows a change in Swift’s writing. Typically, she has written songs that are about five minutes long, but in 1989 the songs are approximately three minutes. According to Rolling Stone, she has departed from the overall approach of “romantic, romantic, romantic.” The album cover is unique and shows a photo of her with her head cropped off. The title is handwritten.

Liberty Voice proclaims, “She has left country behind, but her new album is a blast!” Now 25 years old, the performer said the 13-song album “will not be about relationships.” Huffington Post reports Red and Speak Now, two of her previous albums, revealed heartbreak and love. Her personal life has changed since she released Red. She dated publicly and broke up publicly. The content of the previously released albums revealed this angst. Now, the blonde explains that her priorities now are not about finding love, but include spending time with her friends, writing and recording music and touring. She acknowledges that these priorities are different from just a few years ago, but says that she wants to live her life “on [her] own terms.” The new Swift also wants to take her listeners with her as she jumps backward in time to the pop music of the 80s.

Recently, Swift publicly proclaimed that her 1989  album would not be available on Apple Music. On June 30, Apple Music was set to debut new programming which essentially would stream music and not pay artists for the air-play. Swift wrote a letter to Apple explaining her concern for new artists.

Swift referred to Apple’s decision to not pay artists during  a three-month, free-trial period (most streaming services offer one month free) as disappointing, shocking and, in her mind, completely unlike the company when it comes to progressiveness in terms of music availability and promotion. She went on to shoot down claims that she only cared about her own interests in making this decision, and stated that it was not about her since she is perfectly capable of supporting herself, as well as her band and crew. She declared that she is working for new bands or artists who are struggling financially by not being paid for their work, even after experiencing modest success. She also compared producers of music to Apple workers, saying both are “innovators and creators,” but the producer will not reap any financial benefit for his work.

As reported in Time Magazine, Apple reversed their decision, stating they will pay artists, even during the free streaming period offered to consumers. 1989 will be streaming when Apple Music debuts later this month, so that listeners will be able to enjoy the trip backwards to the pop music of the ’80s on Apple streaming.   

By Cathy Milne

Edited by Jennifer Pfalz


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