Beats Pill XL Speakers Recalled by Apple Due to Fire Risk

beats pill xl

In a surprising move on Wednesday, Apple announced its first recall in a long time, cautioning people that the company’s new Beats Pill XL wireless speakers may pose a fire risk due to a faulty, overheating battery pack inside the speaker. The company is urging customers not to use them due to multiple reports of overheating reported since its rollout. Currently, the recall affects over 222,000 speakers purchased in the U.S., and another 11,000 units in Canada.

Apple stated they found that, in very few cases, the battery pack in the speakers can overheat, causing a potential fire hazard. In a statement released by the tech giant, they explained, “The recall does not affect any other Beats or Apple products.” Moreover, the company has promised those who purchased the portable speakers from Apple a refund of $325, either in a bank transfer or a store credit. Apple is offering much more than the price of the speakers on their online store due to possible upcharges from retail stores and applicable taxes. The speakers originally cost $299 on Apple’s online store. All customers are advised to go to Apple’s website to review the Beats Pill XL Speaker Recall Program page for more information regarding the return of the speakers and refund instructions.

beats pill xlCustomers must fill out a form on the website, and then Apple will mail a pre-paid postage box to the consumer to use to send back the Beats Pill XL speaker. Once the package is received, customers will receive an electronic bank transfer or a store credit of the amount owed in about three weeks. Apple is only taking requests for returns online via the request form. Returns of Beats Pill XL speakers will not be taken at any Apple or other tech retail stores.

There have been eight reports of overheating speakers since the launch of the Beats Pill XL sound system. In one particular instance, a customer received a minor burn on their finger and considerable damage to the desk on which the speakers were placed. According to an investigation by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Apple has gone to their engineers to attempt to fix the problems with the faulty battery pack to get more Beats Pill XL speakers back out on the market.

The wireless Beats Pill XL Speakers were launched by Beats by Dre in fall 2013. Apple bought out the speaker manufacturer in 2014, acquiring a significant market share for portable wireless sound systems. Consumers are welcome to voluntarily fill out the Request form on the company’s website to receive the proper instructions regarding the mailing of the pre-paid postage box and how to be compensated after the return to Apple, by either a store credit or an electronic payment. There is no information regarding the time it will take to mend the overheating problems with the sound system.

By Alex Lemieux

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