Beau Biden Is Remembered in the Most Beautiful Ways


On Saturday June 6, Beau Biden’s funeral was held at St. Anthony of Padua’s Church. The former attorney general of Delaware, and oldest son of the United State’s Vice President is nothing short of his father’s legacy. Although not many people knew as much about Biden junior as they did about the senior, the beautiful words spoken about him at his funeral tell people more than enough. He was remembered with the most beautiful anecdotes.

President Barack Obama did not hold back any appreciation in a eulogy he delivered at the funeral. The speech revealed several amazing things about the public servant that not many people around the country got to appreciate before. Obama opened by remembering a car accident from Biden’s childhood that took his mother and sister from him. Instead of letting the accident ruin him, he “would ask God for broader shoulders” and he dedicated his life to public service, just as his father did. It was even revealed that he did not “cut corners” to achieve his astounding accomplishments, he turned down an appointment as the attorney general so he could run for the position. Beyond politics, he was even an Afghanistan veteran. He truly did serve his country. Obama’s praises were capped off with a most meaningful statement, that our country was built on “men like Beau.”

Emotion reverberated throughout the funeral. The President and Vice President shared a hug, a connection between the two men that transcended their political relationship. Chris Martin, the lead singer of internationally renowned band Coldplay volunteered to attend the funeral after hearing that Biden was a fan of Coldplay’s music. Martin performed Till Kingdom Come. Biden lived a life that earned him the most beautiful remembrance a person can ask for.

Biden’s siblings, Hunter and Ashley, also beautifully delivered speeches for their late brother. Hunter reached out to his brother’s children, comforting them and reminding them that they are loved. Ashley remembered her brother as a person who loved being with his family, and was a pleasure to be around. The Vice President did not speak, but he did not need to, for people to know what a loss he has suffered.

The service was not only emotionally moving, it was inspirational. Learning about the legacy of the Afghanistan veteran sheds light on qualities that great men possess. Biden did not lean on his father’s legacy to build a political career for power; he served the country with true passion and dedication. As Obama said, in 46 years he accomplished what most people could not in 146. “He left nothing in the tank.” Hopefully, the words spoken at the service can inspire people to aspire to the same greatness that the late leader achieved.

Biden privately battled brain cancer for two years, but is remembered for his spirit. He would reportedly sing You Get What You Give by New Radicals after chemotherapy treatments. His struggle reminds people that behind the appearances of the public officials we see, there is a person who does care about the country and the people in it. There are struggles behind the masks of the dignified leaders that are looked up to. Biden will always be remembered with the most beautiful memories by the people who had the pleasure of knowing him.

By Tania Dawood


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Featured Photo Courtesy of U.S. Embassy Romania’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

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