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Sweetgreen Brings Sweet Life to Los Angeles/West Hollywood



Thursday, June 4, Sweetgreen held a block party at their third street location in Los Angeles, California. Sweetgreen brings sweet life to Los Angeles/West Hollywood, by promoting healthy eating habits for their customers.

The company is a salad and yogurt chain, which was founded in 2007, in Washington, D.C., by Jonathan Neman, along with his two friends from Georgetown University, Nick Jammet, and Nate Ru. They have expanded their company in many cities around the U.S. such as Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles. Sweetgreen’s goal is to provide a healthy lifestyle for communities, by providing organic and local ingredients from farmers the founders have partnered with. The founders are originally from Los Angeles, and they launched the LA-minded chain after they graduated.

The Los Angeles/West Hollywood chain is the company’s 30th location. Sources have stated that the chain is also set to open its 31st location in Santa Monica. The chain is designed to be different at every location since Sweetgreen’s produce are grown at the local farms and its menu is based on the current season.Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen brings sweet life to Los Angeles/West Hollywood, after holding its block party, which featured a special performance by songstress Banks. At the event the DJ played while the crowd mingled. Neighboring companies also sampled out their delights at the block party, while photographers took pictures, and company employees drank and talked with people living and working on West third.

In an interview Neman told sources he did not know anything about the food industry, but he always wanted to be an entrepreneur, particularly with a start-up company in the music or technology industries. Now that the next step to launch the Sweetgreen’s 31st store is in place, Ru has told sources,” running a chain that is focused on seasonal foods is a lot harder than sticking to the norm.” He also stated that having the variety of local farms providing the produce of each store keeps the menu from being insistent, for instance the customer will have to try something new every season.

Having Sweetgreen in Los Angeles gives the company a different taste. The block party held June 4th was Sweetgreen’s traditional way of bringing the community together. Since the opening of their second store in D.C., the company has played music outside of the location very loud which has turned the community into a block party, and later led into a music festival. Ever since then the company has had block parties for every new store they open, and annual musical festivals which have featured many surprise performances from artists such as Kendrick Lamar, The Stokes, Avicii, and Banks.Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen brings the sweet life to Los Angeles/West Hollywood, and throughout the rest of California, by continuing to open stores that helps people choose healthier eating habits. Due to the company using products from local farms and giving fast food chains a different taste of how to run a franchise it solely depends on its core values of helping everyone win including the company itself, thinking sustainably, keeping it real, adding a sweet touch, and making an impact on communities and cities.

By Krystle Mitchell


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Photo Courtesy of Krystle Mitchell’s Flickr Page

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