‘Black Mass’ Movie Will Get New Title Before Release, Johnny Depp Still Set Up for Success [Video]

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Black Mass

The movie Black Mass is based on the true story  of a notorious gangster. The movie will be getting a new title before its release in September, but Johnny Depp, who has been completely made over to the point of being almost unrecognizable for the film (and, yes, that is Depp in the role pictured above), is still set up for success. Movie reviews are saying that this movie may be Depp’s best one in years, as the preview certainly displays a creepy ability to play the gangster that everyone fears. At its inception, the drama, produced by Warner Bros., had a hard time getting started, but now that the movie has an official release date (unless it changes) of September 18, it will hopefully bring in fourth quarter success.

Competing with movies like Captive, the story about a single mom who was taken hostage in her apartment (which is also based on a true story); Everest, the documentary; and Pawn Sacrifice, which is a movie about a chess legend during the Cold War. Many think that Black Mass would have the most success of all of these options when it is released, as viewers have seemed to like dramas over documentaries and also like Depp, but the movie may, in fact, see some big competition from the other titles named as well as those which are added to the September release date. Dramas about gangsters have also proven to be the most successful at the box office, even when Depp did not star in them.

Black MassOf course, fans remember Depp from his iconic roles in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Blow (playing the infamous George Jung), and of course, one of his earliest films, Edward Scissorhands. In Black Mass, Depp delivers another possible Oscar-worthy performance, as can be seen in the trailers of the movie, in which Depp’s portrayal will make hairs stand on the back of viewers’ necks.

Over all, the movie is expected to have great success. Black Mass will not keep that title, as producers believe the film’s name is too confusing (conjuring scientific terms), however, despite getting a new title, the movie is still set up for success, especially for Johnny Depp and the other actors within the movie. Depp’s character, Whitey Bulger was one of the most infamous, violent criminals in South Boston’s history, was a brother of a Senator and later became an FBI informant. His story certainly speaks for itself. However, other actors who will help contribute to the possible success of the movie are Dakota Johnson, Kevin Bacon, Benedict Cumberbatch, Julianne Nicholson, and many more.

The show is set to come out in September, along with many other movies, but as a true story of a gangster who was well known, it may prove to be just as successful as many other “gangster movies” before it. As Depp movies also seem to always do very well, given that many viewers often enjoy his performances, this movie may always do well at the box office just because he is in it. Bacon is also another actor who seems to bring in people, no matter what type of movie he is in. As information continues to be released about the movie, including the newest and most recent trailer, fans seem to already be excited about being able to see the movie.

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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